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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated March 23, 2017
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Sometimes it's not creating the proposal that's so hard—your team already has your favorite document templates and pre-made promotion materials that you can turn into a high-quality proposal already. You might not even want an online proposal editor, since they often only support basic formatting and aren't designed for rich designs. Instead, all you need is a way to share those documents, one that's more effective than email.

Tilkee is designed to solve that problem. It's a proposal and invoicing app that doesn't create the documents for you. Instead, it tracks them, letting you know when they've been viewed, downloaded, and signed—and hinting who you should followup with to make sure your project doesn't fall through the cracks.

It starts out with your documents, the design files and proposals or invoices you've already created. You'll create a new project in Tilkee, and drag-and-drop those files in from your computer. You can also import files from a link, add files you've previously saved to Tilkee, or create a new rich text document to type a cover letter or add notes directly in Tilkee. Then, drag the files around to the order you want, and add separators to organize things. You'll even want to check the names of your files and the project name itself—your clients will see all of those when they open your proposal.

Then, set the document's deadline, and tap the Create access link button. That'll take you to the next tab, where you can copy a unique link to your proposal, or send a new one via email to your clients. When you go to send the email, Tilkee will open the link in your default email app where you can send a personal email message—something far more likely to be opened. You can install Tilkee's integrations in Gmail, Outlook, or Salesforce to share links directly from your email app or CRM, too, if you'd like. Just be sure to make a unique link per person you're sharing the proposal with.

Now, in the Statistics tab, it's time to wait and see what happens. You'll get a notification whenever someone opens your link—and another notification if they open it again. You'll be able to see which browser they used, when they looked at the document, which files they read the longest, and whether they downloaded your complete proposal. That way, you'll see who's most interested, which documents kept their interest, and know exactly how to followup if they don't sign. Or, if they do sign, Tilkee will notify you as well so you can jump in to their new project.

The next time around, things will be easier. You can store your default documents in Tilkee, and organize them into templates that you can duplicate in a click. All you'll have to do then is drag in the unique new documents for this client, and you'll have a complete proposal finished in a couple minutes. Even better, you can use it for more than proposals—anytime you need to send a secure document and know that your recipient has read it, Tilkee is the app to use.

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Tilkee Features

  • Combine your documents, presentations, text, and more into a proposal
  • Share the proposal with unique links so you'll know who looked at it
  • Add e-signatures to any documents
  • See stats about which documents were viewed, downloaded, and more

Tilkee Pricing

  • $19/month Solo plan for 1 users and unlimited projects
  • $39/month Team plan for collaborator management, CRM integration, and team statistics

Additional users $39/month per user; e-signatures from $1 per signature

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Tilkee is a tool for business developpers to track your business proposals and boost your follow up.