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Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated July 27, 2015

Tracking the time you spend on projects is great, but what if your project goes over budget? What if you spent more time on planning and production, and were left with zero time for marketing? Just like your bank account, your time is limited and far too easily split between too many tasks. So instead of just tracking the time you spend on tasks, Tick goes one step further and makes sure you're not spending too much time on the wrong tasks.

Most time tracking apps let you immediately track the time you spend on your work, and categorize it into projects. Tick, on the other hand, makes you start with your projects. Each project gets a budget of hours, along with tasks that have their own sub-budget of hours. Add everything you need to work on, and then you can start tracking time.

That extra bit of work might take some extra time, but it simplifies things when you're actually working on your projects. Instead of typing in what you're working on, you'll just pick a project and task to work on, and your work time will count towards that project's budget. Then, when you save your timecard, Tick will show you how much of your project and task's budget you've used up so you'll have a quick indicator of how much there's left to be done.

With its focus on projects and tasks, Tick is perfect for use in teams that want to keep their projects on track—and is priced accordingly. Every plan lets unlimited people use it, so there's no reason not to have everyone on your team tracking their time. You can setup projects for everything in your company, budget time based on how you want to spend your resources, and let everyone get instant feedback about how the whole company's performing. If a task or project is getting too much focus one week, it'll be obvious—and team members can adjust their own work plans accordingly.

Making new projects for everything you do doesn't have to be tedious, either. Many Tick plans let you create recurring projects that will automatically restart each month. That way, you can make projects for regular administrative and support tasks you team needs to work on, and let your team track their time on them without having to make a new project as soon as the time budget runs out.

Instant feedback on how much time is left for a project is nice, but you'll likely want more details for your end-of-month reports. Tick has you covered there, too, with customizable reports about how each project and team member performed this month. It even integrates with FreshBooks and Quickbooks so your time sheets can be turned into invoices and accounting reports automatically. And if you use Basecamp to manage your projects, Tick can integrate inside of Basecamp so you can see how much time your team's spent on a project without leaving your tasks and communications in Basecamp.

Tick is a great way to keep your team's time budget allocated correctly, and is a unique take on time tracking for teams that are working on larger projects that may not even be invoiced. It'll help you stay focused on the right tasks, not just the ones that are the easiest to take on.

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Tick Features

  • Simple time tracking with time cards to track all details of what you're working on
  • Unlimited users in every plan to make teamwork simple
  • Automatic budget feedback in new time cards to keep projects on track
  • Create recurring projects
  • Turn timesheets into simple reports about individuals or groups
  • Windows, Mac, and iOS/Apple Watch timer apps, and Basecamp integration

Tick Pricing

  • Free for 1 open project and unlimited people
  • $19/month for 10 open projects
  • $49/month for 30 open projects and recurring projects
  • $79/month for 60 open projects and recurring projects
  • $149/month for unlimited projects and features

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