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Thankster mention · November 29, 2018

The 6 Best Apps for Creating and Mailing Greeting Cards

Never forget to drop a card in the mail again. The best greeting card services and apps automatically send cards on your behalf, whether they're birthday cards to friends and family or a note at the end of the year thanking clients. Greeting card apps take the manual more
Thankster update · September 4, 2015

New Action for Thankster: Add Contacts

Yesterday I recieved a hand written card in the mail from a dear friend. We speak all of the time via text and video chat, but recieving that card was special because it so rarely happens these days. When was the last time you sent a customer or colleage more
Thankster update · May 26, 2015

Send Handwritten Cards to Contacts from any Zapier App with Thankster

There's a special feeling that comes from receiving a handwritten card in the mail, and in business, it's virtually a lost art. As our time becomes more scarce and we rely more on email as our main communication tool, something simple as a handwritten note is becoming more

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