Add new Wufoo entries as tickets in Teamwork

Creating a custom enquiry form for your website is made a lot easier with Wufoo’s drag-and-drop editor. But when a customer asks for a quote or some help, you need to assign someone to the task of replying. This Zapier automation makes that more straightforward by adding entries as tasks in Teamwork.

How It Works

  1. Someone fills out your Wufoo form
  2. The entry is added as a task in Teamwork

What You Need

  • Wufoo form
  • Teamwork account
Add new Wufoo entries as tickets in Teamwork
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Wufoo is an easy way to create and manage HTML forms.

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Teamwork Projects is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

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