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Teamgate update · September 15, 2015

Connect Sales Deals to Other Apps with Teamgate CRM and Zapier

Managing leads and tracking sales process is frustrating while trying to close the deal successfully. There is so much information that needs to be organized and maintained, which is time you should be spending working to directly close and win deals. Teamgate is a cloud based sales CRM with more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 29, 2016

Effective sales work means juggling a handful of tasks all the time. Between existing customers that could use a followup, new leads that need more info about your products, and those people who are that close to making a sell, it's difficult to focus on the most important tasks—especially when so many of those tasks mean picking up a call when your contact's actually in the office.

Teamgate is a CRM designed to help you manage all the tasks your sales process requires. It can organize your contacts, keep track of where each lead stands in the sales process, and let you make those pressing phone calls with a click.

You'll start your day in the dashboard, where Teamgate shows your pipeline value at a glance, the most recent tasks your team has done, along with graphs and charts about how your sales have performed over the past few months. Wondering which leads you're most at risk of losing, or the ones that seem closest to closing a deal? You can see that and more from the dashboard, and jump right into that contact's account to start your work.

Or, perhaps there are tasks you need to do today—or things you should have done last week but haven't gotten around to yet. In the top corner throughout Teamgate, you'll see a bell icon that typically would show notifications in other apps. Here, though, Teamgate shows your tasks for today, this week, and overdue tasks—complete with a filter to sort those tasks down to just the things that need done most.

Need to contact a specific leads, person, or companies? Just open their respective page, and you'll see quick contact info and a brief note about your team's last interaction with that individual. Just click their email address or phone number to write or call them directly from Teamgate. The email link will open in your default email app, while the phone number will open Teamgate's SmartDialer that can place calls via Twilio right from your browser once you've selected a phone number and connected it to your account. That way, you can call leads and close deals over the phone—and log those interactions in your CRM—without ever leaving your browser. Or, if you want to market to an entire set of leads at once, just use Teamgate's MailChimp integration to add filtered sets of leads to your email newsletter list.

It's not just your contacts that need organized for sales: you also have internal documents and info about your own products that you'll need on hand to close the deal. Teamgate includes tools for both, with a products listing that lets you log info about products and pricing, and a file tool that lets you share info about those products and other notes with your team.

Then, it's time to get your deals closed. Teamgate lists each deal in a kanban-style pipeline where you can drag leads through stages as you work to get the deals closed. You can customize each stage, log info about each part of the sales process, or just drag the card to the top of the screen to mark it as won or lost. And if you want to drill down into your potential deals, there's a list, map, and filtered view to see exactly the deal info you need—perhaps to schedule lunch with a potential client who's nearby, or to bulk-market to a specific type of lead.

Throughout it all, Teamgate will keep you focused on what needs done next with the handy to-do list at the top of the screen, while still keeping the big picture in mind from the dashboard. It's a great way to organize your sales info, and turn your leads into closed deals without needing to leave your CRM.

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