Targetprocess Updates

Targetprocess update · September 6, 2016

New to Targetprocess: Trigger Zaps from New Builds, Plus Create Builds

Track the versions of the software you're developing by creating builds in project management software Targetprocess. Now you can automate your software development process by triggering Zaps from new Targetprocess builds. Or, use Zapier to automatically create builds for you. What's New with TargetProcess New Triggers New Build: more
Targetprocess update · June 24, 2014

Connect Targetprocess to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Targetprocess, a visual management software that helps companies see and understand how they work, is now on Zapier. Companies choose Targetprocess for two reasons: it is extremely flexible and can support any process or workflow, and it brings a real visibility into project management. Most projects, small or large, more

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Targetprocess is a Visual Management Software.

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