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TalentLMS update · May 30, 2013

TalentLMS: An Easy Way to Run Online Courses

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Shaun Takenouchi
Written by Shaun TakenouchiLast updated January 4, 2016

Online learning is so useful largely because you can be practically anywhere and still get the information you need. Rather than needing all of your students in one classroom, you can teach one time, and let anyone, anywhere, study your materials. All you need is an online learning platform like TalentLMS, one that makes it easy for teachers to create courses and at the same time gives students the opportunity to learn in a way they wouldn’t get in a typical brick and mortar classroom.

It all starts with the course content. Creating your own content one of the biggest roadblocks to getting a course started. Nothing can make that simpler, but TalentLMS helps by letting you upload your own files, videos, pictures, and other media in standard formats, so you can create the course in apps you’re already accustomed to using. Its built-in text editor is similar to Microsoft Word, so editing your course content content within the site is easy. Then, with your materials together, you can create assignements and tests to make sure students are understaing your materials.

With any online learning management system (LMS), you’ll need a way to talk to students since you’re not in a face to face classroom. TalentLMS includes messaging features that work just like email to help teachers and students converse. You can also start group discussions in a forum-like interface as another way to communicate with others in the course. Lastly, for those that want something a little more interactive, TalentLMS has a video conferencing feature where you can use video, chatting, and audio to communicate with other members in your class or teacher.

Any good teacher should want to be able to collect data on their students to help support them and TalentLMS provides a wide range of reports to do this. You can see big picture reports like assignment, test scores, who’s logged in, where students are at in a course, and more. Then, you can also drill down to get even more data. Click on an individual student, for example, and TalentLMS will show you how much time they are spending in a course and their progress. You can take a deeper look at assignments and tests by seeing data on each question and analyzing how students answered them. TalentLMS also lets you create custom reports to help you even further evaluate how your students are doing.

A course on its own isn’t enough, though—whether you work at a university or school, or are selling your own courses, you’ll want each class to have your branding. TalentLMS lets you customize your courses with a custom logo, and also lets you choose from an array of themes and colors. If you would like to monetize your course, TalentLMS lets you accept payments from both PayPal and Stripe, and classes can be set up for a one time or subscription based fee. Then, for an extra touch of customization, you can add gamification features to courses to make them more engaging. Students can earn badges, points, rewards for future discounts, and even see how they are doing on the leaderboard. That won’t replace grades, but it might provide a bit of incentive to try harder in classes.

Creating a course is difficult enough on its own, so TalentLMS simplifies the technical side so you can focus on teaching. If you are looking for a way to create an online course—from a simple guide for your staff or a full fledged course you’re selling to students—TalentLMS is a great tool to use.

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