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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 1, 2015

Keeping track of all of your surveys can be difficult in most apps. The more new surveys you create, the further down the list your original surveys go, with little more than scrolling and search to help you recover them. If that's been bugging you with your older survey tool, Surveypal's dashboard will delight you right from the start.

When you login, you'll see a list of your surveys along the top. Select one, and in the email app-like pane below you'll find the stats from that survey along with a live preview in a browser-like window and a link to share it again. There's also a tags box so you can add keywords to your surveys, and then rediscover them quickly from the Keywords tab on the left-hand menu. You can even share a survey with others, so they can see it and its results in their dashboard.

Building a survey in Surveypal is easy, too. Tap the Create new survey button, and you'll get a quick selection of templates to choose from along with an option to start fresh. Select one, and you'll then be in for a pleasant surprise—Surveypal's interface is much like that of Keynote, PowerPoint, or any other page layout designer program. There's a list of your pages on the left side, with a clear + button to add a new one. Your survey itself is in the center, with drag-and-drop elements and text fields that can make your survey feel more like a letter. And, your survey elements are on the right side, ready for you to drag into your new survey.

Select an element in your survey, and you'll see standard text formatting tools along the top, along with options to show or hide the title and make the element full-width or narrow. Everything looks just as it would in a published survey, so you'll enter multi-choice options in a grid that looks like the one your users will see, instead of having to fly blind and list your options without being sure how they'll look in your survey. And, there's a snippets section tucked away in the survey settings, where you can add custom code to your survey to track stats and more.

Then, when you're ready to publish your survey, all you'll need to do is tap the Launch button, and you'll get a link to share your survey with the world. Or, you can share it via email or SMS, copy a QR code people can scan to see your survey, save a PDF and gather responses offline, or activate a kiosk link to use in a conference or event to get responses and then immediately let someone else fill out the survey. And you'll get quick survey results on your dashboard, along with another page layout full of graphs and tables of your results that you can filter through, download, and analyze on your own.

If you're looking for a more creative way to make surveys—or just an easier way to keep track of every survey you've made—Surveypal is a great option. You'll feel at home in its designer immediately, and will never have to worry that you'll struggle to find an old survey again.

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Surveypal Features

  • Create surveys easily with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Use pre-made templates and a style editor to build branded surveys
  • Embed videos and images in surveys, and automate them with advanced survey logic
  • Get instant feedback messages from surveys in your inbox
  • Organize your surveys with keywords, and share across your team
  • Analyze surveys with real-time analytics and intelligent alerts
  • Export survey in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel format

Surveypal Pricing

  • Free for unlimited surveys, users, and 100 responses
  • Contact for unlimited plan pricing

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