Create Zoho Reports rows from new SurveyMonkey responses

Need to report on survey responses you receive after a certain amount of time? Once you set up this SurveyMonkey to Zoho Reports integration, a new row will be added to a Zoho Reports table for every new survey response.

Note: This Zapier integration only adds SurveyMonkey responses that are received after you've set it up.

How this SurveyMonkey-Zoho Reports integration works

  1. You have a new survey response
  2. Zapier creates a new row

Apps involved

  • SurveyMonkey
  • Zoho Reports
Create Zoho Reports rows from new SurveyMonkey responses
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SurveyMonkey is the easiest way to create surveys and get answers. SurveyMonkey lets you whip up a survey quickly and get targeted answers from the audience you want to ask.

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Powerful online reporting and business intelligence service, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables in-depth analysis and easy reporting.

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