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SurveyMethods mention · May 14, 2015

The 20 Best Online Survey Builder Tools

Ask one person for advice, and it's hard to know whether we should trust them. Ask a hundred, though, and you'll see a clearer picture start to come together. That's democracy, or the more modern term crowdsourcing, and it's one of the best ways to more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 1, 2015

Surveys are a great way to discover your audience's thoughts on your product, your competition, the current news, and just about anything else you can put in question form. And, with SurveyMethods, they can also be a great way to jumpstart your next event.

Using SurveyMonkey's editor feels a bit like a blast from the past, with an interface that's reminiscent of traditional software. When you're building a survey, you'll add questions one at a time from a pop-over interface, and will then fill in the question info with a rich text editor. It may take a bit more time to get each of your questions added, but if you're building a survey with detailed questions and explanations the extra formatting features may come in handy.

Back in the editor, you can drag and drop questions to the order you want them, copy questions to add variants, and manage multiple pages of questions from the arrows or drop-down menus at the top and bottom of the page. There's also a spell-check tool that can check the spelling of your entire survey at once, to make sure everything's perfect before you start gathering responses.

The spell check—and all of SurveyMethods—only supports English, Spanish, German, and French right now. But, if you want your survey in another language, you can make your own "Language Pack" with translations for common survey elements to add any language you want. Then, build your survey in your language, and it'll will be ready to gather answers from anywhere. You can even print your survey and gather responses by hand to really make your survey portable.

Beyond traditional surveys, SurveyMethods includes an Event Registration tool that combines RSVP with a survey. You'll add the date for your event, then build a survey to get feedback about attendees, their preferences, and more. Once they've completed the survey, they'll get a calendar invite to add your event to their schedule, and you'll get an email with their RSVP. It's a simple way to do something more unique with your calendars.

There's also an email marketing tool built into SurveyMethods. You can import your mailing list, and once you've made your survey you can add an email marketing message to it and let SurveyMethods send it out automatically. That's an easy way to poll your entire audience about your upcoming products and more.

It's not the fanciest survey tool, but SurveyMethods still includes useful features that set it apart in the world of survey apps. If you're looking for a simple way to invite people to your event with a survey, it just might be the tool for you.

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