Create Zoom meetings when SuperSaaS appointments are about to start

If you're using Zoom and SuperSaas together, this automation can help organize your workflow. When a SuperSaaS appointment is about to begin, this Zap will create a Zoom meeting.

The appointment creator in SuperSaaS will schedule the meeting in Zoom as well. That way you can see each meeting and start them in Zoom.

*Note: When you activate this Zap, the reminder message from SuperSaaS will no longer be send. Instead it will create a meeting in Zoom. You may want to send the attendees an email invite for Zoom by adding an additional action step to the Zap. You could also set up a second zap or second reminder in SuperSaaS to trigger an email.

How this SuperSaaS-Zoom integration works

  1. SuperSaaS reminder email is intercepted and sent as a webhook to Zapier
  2. Zapier creates a meeting in Zoom

What You Need

  • A SuperSaaS account
  • A Zoom account
Create Zoom meetings when SuperSaaS appointments are about to start
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