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Sumo mention · April 30, 2015

Five Simple Ways to Start Growing Your Email List Today

The Zapier Monthly: Email Marketing Edition | Vol. II, Issue 4 Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. This month, we're showcasing how to streamline your email marketing by managing your lists and campaigns with automation. Learn how to more
Sumo update · April 9, 2015

Connect SumoMe to Every Email List Manager Under the Sun and More

Since its launch last year, SumoMe has quickly become a favorite tool among marketers for its suite of applications that make it easy to promote a site. Whether its a blog, app or online service, SumoMe helps businesses and individuals rapidly boost site traffic and grow email lists. From more
Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated January 24, 2017

List building, social sharing, landing page creation—these strategies help you drive traffic, increase sales, and strengthen your brand’s influence. To gather this information, you spend time and money on different marketing apps and services everyday. But these services together can be expensive, and it's time-consuming to set them all up. What if all of this information could be accessible in one central location instead?

SumoMe is an easy-to-use suite of marketing tools you can install, access, and manage directly on your website. It has everything you need to build your email list, measure your website’s traffic, and determine what gets your visitors to stick around. The best part is being able to utilize these tools without any technical skills or coding. Anyone with a website can use SumoMe to increase traffic, capture loyal subscribers, and drive sales.

There are two ways to add SumoMe to your website: A one-line code to insert into the <head> section of your site’s HTML, or a WordPress plugin. Either option will display a tiny blue ribbon that displays your SumoMe dashboard. You’ll then be able to activate, deactivate, or manage apps that perform specific marketing functions. The Highlighter app, for instance, allows visitors to highlight your content for easy sharing. The Share app is popularly used to display social media share buttons beside your content. There's a wide range of apps, and you can pick and choose the ones that best fit your marketing needs. They will then be visible to your visitors in a subtle yet beautiful way.

Clicking on an app opens its settings in a new window automatically. This lets you edit its settings input information needed for the app to work, or track the app’s performance as soon as it goes live. For instance, clicking on List Builder 3 opens to an overview where you can create new or manage existing pop-ups. You can also pause active pop-ups in case you need to tweak them further. If you choose to create or edit a pop-up, a new window displays options to design the pop-up, add or edit form fields, and set display rules so you have control over where and when they appear on your site. Once your pop-up goes live, you’ll be able to check its performance or download a CSV report in the Stats page of the app. You’ll then be able to create better campaigns or pinpoint areas of improvement based on your findings.

As your business grows and your marketing efforts become more complex, you may need more detailed reports or additional features like A/B testing, integrations, and templates. You may consider upgrading to SumoMe Pro, which is the company’s premium package. You get access to all of SumoMe’s pro apps, the ability to use SumoMe on more than one website, and other benefits. Each subscription is based on how much traffic your website gets per month, so you can choose a plan best suited for your needs.

By removing the technical guesswork, SumoMe enables bloggers and marketers of all skill levels to get right down to work. With everything in one central hub, you can quickly take advantage of valuable tools to grow your website traffic, build a strong audience, and ultimately grow your business online.

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