SugarCRM 6.2-5

SugarCRM 6.2-5 - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated August 23, 2018

There's CRMs for everything imaginable. CRMs to bring together all of your team's emails, CRMs for calls and text messages, CRMs to send out email newsletters or let you organize leads on a kanban board or let you know what you need to do next. They're specialized, and they're good at what they do.

The most advanced CRMs, though, do more than that. They’re complicated, confusing when you first start using them, and packed with more features than you expected you’d ever need. But they’re powerful, and customizable, and you can morph them into the tool that tracks just what you need, the way you need it.

Salesforce may be the original online CRM, but one of its closest competitors is equally at home in the cloud or on your own servers: SugarCRM. Designed to be a powerful CRM that can do whatever your sales, marketing, support or other teams need. It’s a CRM platform ready for you to tweak just as you want.

SugarCRM comes with built-in features that are perfect for most sales, marketing, and support teams. The Sugar UX interface every piece of information you’ve gathered about a customer, to help your marketing team know where to pick up the sales pitch and the support team to know which of your products they’re using. It’ll even pull in social media info, so you’ll have an easy way to start the conversation or see what they’ve been saying about your company lately.

And you can track anything you want, so you can have an easy way to know which marketing efforts this customer may have seen or which of your products they’re interested in. No matter what data is important to your work, you can manage it in one place with SugarCRM. You can store relevant files, sync your email and calendar, and bring in data from other apps including Google Docs.

You’ll get the most out of SugarCRM, though, if you customize it for your team. That's where the Sugar Studio comes in. It's an online tool that'll let you add custom fields complete with logic, and hide anything you don't need from the interface. Every single screen and form can be redesigned to look the way you want. And, with logic and dynamic fields, you can make the screens work just the way your team works, too. If that's not enough, you can make custom modules or even your own apps using SugarCRM's powerful database. Everything you’ve customized will work the same online and in the SugarCRM mobile apps.

Want to customize your CRM? You’ll find hundreds of modules on the Sugar Exchange that will let you add features and customize your CRM in a few clicks. Tweak enough, and SugarCRM could be the one app that powers everything in your business.

Originally published October 31, 2014; updated August 23, 2018 with new pricing and to remove self-hosted edition

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SugarCRM 6.2-5 Features

  • Deeply customizable CRM to know everything about your customers
  • Track all social interactions
  • Realtime pipeline and analysis to help make business decisions
  • Manage email, calendar, and files together
  • iOS and Android Apps

SugarCRM 6.2-5 Pricing

  • $40/user/month Professional plan with core features
  • $65/user/month Enterprise plan with opportunity management, forecasting, native SQL reporting, and more
  • $150/user/month Ultimate plan with 24x7 support, technical account manager, and more

All plans paid annually, with 10 user minimum

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