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Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated November 14, 2017

Chat is the new phone call, the new corporate water cooler, the new tapping your colleague on the shoulder and getting them to help you fix a problem. It's where a surprising amount of our workdays disappear into discussions and endless conversations about the trivial and tectonic.

It's good, really, with each chat message only taking a few seconds to type out. But if you've ever struggled to find a witty remark or figure out if consensus was ever reached weeks later—or just tried to figure out what you need to reply to each morning—you know how overwhelming team chat can be. And sometimes an old fashioned call can make more sense than a half-dozen chat threads.

If you've used team chat with your team over the past few years, odds are you've used either Slack—the chat app from the team that built Flickr—or Hipchat, one of the original team chat tools that defined the core features we expect in a chat tool. Group chat rooms where everything's public so anyone on the team can see what's going on, direct messages to have a private talk with a colleague, and search to go back and see what was said in the past.

Stride's a new tool from the Hipchat to redefine what team chat means today. It's much the same, with the familiar team chat rooms and direct messages, infused with today's emoji and Markdown formatting. It's still straightforward chat with every message in chronologic order without threaded conversations or reactions. And when chat's not enough, there's built-in voice and video calls complete with screen sharing to show what you're talking about.

The big difference is Stride's decisions and actions. With a tiny button on the right of your chat box—or a menu option on any chat message. Actions are to-dos—make a new action or mark an existing message as an action and it turns into a to-do with a checkbox that you or your team can checkoff whenever you finish a task. Want to assign a task to someone? Just @mention them in the task text, just as you would with any other team chat message.

Decisions then are a way to mark what your team decides after a winding conversation. Perhaps you debate the options back and forth in chat—then, just click the menu on the right of the final message that summarizes the decision and mark it as a decision. Or, maybe you make the decision in a video call. If so, just make a new decision message with the arrow button in your chat box. It'll help everyone else on the team know what happened without having to read through the whole conversation.

Each day, you can catch up on your team's decisions and new tasks you've been assigned by others from the Highlights sidebar on the right, Stide's way to bring these most important messages to the front. If you're out of office or busy on a project and don't want to be disturbed, you can snooze your notifications until you're back and use this sidebar to help quickly catch up, too.

Stride won't keep your team from chatting about random things, and it won't make your conversations any less scattered. What it does do, though, is help you push your chats towards a conclusion and make sure everyone can know what's decided. Chat's forever, but your conversations don't have to hang in perpetual limbo. Make a decision, assign some actions, and get back to work instead of talking about it forever.

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Stride Features

  • A new take on team chat from the team behind Hipchat, Jira, and Trello
  • Chat in groups and privately
  • Make voice and video calls with screen sharing right from your chat
  • Add tasks that can be checked off from tasks, and mark completed decisions to help your team reference the results of your discussions
  • Use Focus mode to keep distractions away when you're busy
  • Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web apps available

Stride Pricing

  • Free for unlimited users, groups, and voice/video meetings with 10 bots and 25k message history
  • $3/month per user Standard plan for unlimited storage, bots, and message history, with advanced meeting tools, screen sharing, remote desktop control, and user management
  • Additional $3/month per user Identity Manager for single sign-on

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