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Streak mention · January 18, 2018

The 10 Best CRMs for Small Business in 2018

Business is increasingly challenging, especially for small teams trying to keep up with larger competitors. You might not be able to match them on price or get your products in front of as many people. Your best advantage is that you can give your customers more of a personal more
Streak mention · December 18, 2017

How a Whitewater Rafting Business Automatically Processes Forms

Running the family business comes with its own unique stresses and expectations. There's the brand—established before you were born—and, tied into that, a standard that customers expect. Plus, the day-to-day operations and maintenance required of any company. Add whitewater, rafts, camping, and adventures and you get Kern River more
Streak mention · October 31, 2017

Streak Automatically Links Customer Data with Support Requests

Customer support comes with inherent challenges. Namely, support reps tend to work with customers on less-than-their-best day. Because of this, camaraderie and collaboration naturally evolve within the best teams. Teammates share helpful language, search tips, and find ways forward when issues arise. Andrew Stewart works on growth and customer more
Streak update · September 27, 2017

Updates for Streak: Use Zaps to Find Existing Contacts Then Add Them to Boxes

Build a sales process that's easy to execute by keeping details about your contacts on hand within Streak. Zapier's Streak integration was just updated so important details about your contacts are automatically organized. Now you can set up Zaps that automatically find existing contacts or organizations in Streak, then more
Streak update · July 12, 2017

Streak Update: New Ways to Use Formula Columns to Filter your Zaps

If you're a user of the Streak-Zapier integration, you probably know the power of Streak's formula columns. Now, you can use these to filter your Zaps even if the value is 0. For example, if you have a formula column that calculates number of hours until first response (date more
Streak mention · June 7, 2017

The 16 Best Free CRM Apps

Ever gotten on a call with someone, only to mispronounce their name or forget which company they work for? Perhaps you needed to email the finance team at a supplier, but can't remember who to contact? That's why you need a CRM or customer relationship manager. Like a more

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