How to Add Google Analytics to Squarespace

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Written by Justin Pot / May 20, 2019
Last Updated September 19, 2019

Google Analytics is the ultimate dashboard for website owners, allowing you to watch pageviews in real-time or dive deep into demographic data. And you can add Google Analytics to any Squarespace website, though the option to do so is a little hidden. Here's how to find it.

To get started you'll need to register for a free Google Analytics account. Then keep reading to grab your Analytics ID code and add it to your Squarespace page.

How to Find Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

First, you’re going to need to find your Google Analytics UA code. Head to Google Analytics, open the panel for the site you’re trying to add, then click Admin.

Admin button in Google Analytics

Now click Property Settings.

Property Settings in Google Analytics

You'll find your Tracking Id at the top of this panel.

Finding the Tracking ID in Google Analytics

Keep this tab open, or copy the entire ID, including UA- at the beginning.

How to Add Your Google Analytics Tracking Code to Squarespace

Squarespace actually offers a built-in option for Google Analytics, but it's a little buried. Here's how to find it.

Open your Squarespace account, then open the site you want to add Google Analytics to. In the sidebar, click Settings.

Settings in Squarespace

Next, click Advanced.

Advanced settings in Squarespace

Then, click External API Keys.

External API Keys in Squarespace

You will now see a text box where you can paste your Google Analytics ID.

Google Analytics Tracking Id field in Squarespace

Remember to include the entire ID, including UA- at the beginning.

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