When this happens...
Better VoiceNew Call
Then do this...
SpeechTransCreate File Convert and Transcribe

Audio transcription can be painstaking work. Let Zapier save you some precious time with this integration to do it for you. Once active, it will trigger whenever you receive a new call on BetterVoice, automatically transcribing it with SpeechTrans so you can refer to a text version of it when needed.

How this BetterVoice-SpeechTrans integration works

  1. A new call is logged on BetterVoice
  2. Zapier transcribes it using SpeechTrans

Apps involved

  • Bettervoice
  • SpeechTrans

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It's easy to connect SpeechTrans + Better Voice and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition Request (ASR)

Triggers when there is a new dictation.

Create Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Creates an audio file transcription.

New Text to Speech Request (TTS)

Trigger when new TTS (Text to Speech) request has occured. Use this to send the auto generated wav file to any third party application.

Create Text to Speech (TTS)

Creates an audio file from the text received

New Text Translation Request

Triggers when there is a new translation.

Create Text Translation

Create translation of the given text to targeted language

New Text Message

Text messages coming in to your Better Voicemail account.

New Contact

Push a new contact into Better Voice!

New Contact

Contacts can easily be pushed to Better Voicemail.

Create Human Powered Text to Speech

Creates a human audio file of the given text.

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Convert Speech to Text (Transcribe audio or video files) through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 44 languages, Convert Text to Speech (TTS). Translate text from one language to another.

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