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Solve CRM mention · June 1, 2015

Five Ways to Manage Contacts, Customers and Sales Leads with Ease

The Zapier Monthly: Contact Mangement Edition | Vol. II, Issue 5 Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. This month, we're showcasing how to streamline the creation and management of contacts in your CRM. Managing contacts is like sorting more
Solve CRM mention · September 23, 2014

The 25 Best CRM Apps for Every Business

Managing your contacts didn’t used to be so difficult. When you started your business, you had a handful of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. Things change. That’s good: business is growing and you have more people than ever to more
Solve CRM update · September 17, 2013

Solve360 Tagged Contacts Trigger

Good news Solve360 users! Now you can trigger Zaps whenever a tag is applied to a certain contact! Category tags are really powerful and let you create custom workflows inside Solve360. Now, Zaps can be triggered whenever a tag is applied to a new contact! Check it out and more
Solve CRM update · April 12, 2013

Solve360 Contact Category Tags

We've added a new "Pretty Category" to the Solve360 New Contact trigger! Before you'd get boring old IDs that were hard to filter on. Now, you'll get the actual name of any category tags applied to the contact. Perfect for use with Zapier's custom more
Solve CRM update · February 22, 2013

Add Tags to Companies with Solve360

Just like you can use Zapier to create new contacts in Solve360 with category tags, you can now create companies with category tags! Just provide us with a comma-separated list of tags you want to apply and we'll add (or create them if they don't exist) when your Zap more
Solve CRM update · January 26, 2013

Set Company on Contact Creation in Solve360

If you are creating contacts with Zapier you may have noticed the absence of a Company field to create relationships. Well, it is absent no more! Just slap the name of the company into the field and let Zapier do the rest!read more
Solve CRM update · January 9, 2013

Set Contact Shared With

Now it is easy to define who exactly sees your new contacts in Solve360. Previously, it only allowed you to set it private to more
Solve CRM update · January 4, 2013

Apply Tags/Categories

Now when you create a contact or company, you have the option of including tags or categories to apply to the contact. If the tag/category is missing, we'll create it for you!read more

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