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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated July 8, 2016
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Shortened links are a great way to share links with your company's own domain—even if you're sharing videos or other links that aren't on your site. They're easier to share, and can even tell you quick stats on how many people clicked your link.

And they can do even more, with Sniply. Sniply shortens your links—and then it adds a call-to-action to that link, to remind your visitors about your brand even if they're on another site.

You'll start out by configuring your Brand Profiles in Sniply. You can make a brand for each company you work with—or perhaps each product or division in your company. Each can have its own custom domain and analytics scripts, and you can track the performance of each brand's links all in one place.

Then, you'll add Call-to-Actions (or CTAs), which are small pop-overs that'll appear on the links you share (as in the center screenshot above). There are button, text link, form, image, and hidden CTAs. Buttons are the default CTA: they show a message along with a button that's linked to the page you want. Text links work the same, only with a plain text link instead of a button, while Images show a picture that's linked to your site. Forms are even more powerful: they let people signup for your email newsletters or send any other info you want in a simple form. And Hidden CTAs work more like traditional shortened links: they just track how many people visit your link.

Each CTA can be customized to look and work the way you want. You can make the CTA look like a chat message, small notification, or message bar on the edge of the page. Then, tweak its colors, position it where you want, and save it.

Now you're ready to start sharing links with your new CTA. Just enter a link you want to share in the field on the top of the Sniply site—or install its browser extensions and click it on the page you want to share—then select the CTA you want to use with it, and tweak the text as you want (perhaps customizing the message for the thing you're sharing now). Sniply will then give you a shortened link that you can share online, and your followers will see both the page and your new CTA.

You'll likely want to make more CTAs, and compare their performance over time. Sniply's dashboards show each link's visits and clickthrough rates for an easy way to compare and see which CTAs and links worked best. And if you included a form in your CTA, you can connect it to your favorite email newsletter, spreadsheet, or other apps with Zapier integrations. You can even add your RSS feed to Sniply, to make a new feed where every article includes a Sniply CTA.

Sniply is a great way to build your audience while sharing articles from other publishers. Even if the link you're sharing isn't on your site, you can still include a CTA to check out your products—and get quick stats on which CTA works best at the same time.

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