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Stephanie Gonzaga
Reviewed by Stephanie Gonzaga
Last updated April 10, 2018

Drafting a short survey seems simple enough. You have your initial one-line questions for personal and demographic info, followed by a couple of checkboxes and open-ended questions to hone in on their experiences. But for larger research projects, you may end up with 2-3 pages of essay questions, multiple choice questions, matrixes, and slider scales that can leave even most prepared respondent walking away.

Complex surveys have long been notorious at dragging respondents for answers. It becomes too much of a chore to fill that majority of these forms are left unfinished. Clear-cut surveys that ask the right questions can reach far more people while gathering data that matters the most to your project. If your previous survey tool isn’t up to the task, you can switch over to SmartSurvey instead.

SmartSurvey lets you get right down to work by presenting three options to create a survey: create one from scratch, copy an existing survey, or use a survey template. If you’re creating a blank survey, you’re prompted to give a descriptive title and select its default language before hitting the green Start button. After selecting the theme and configuring its settings, you’re taken to the design interface where you’ll insert relevant questions to each page of your survey. There are 20+ question types to choose from, as well as page options to customize the survey experience. For example, you can randomize questions to avoid bias or apply skip logic to let respondents skip to questions that are most applicable to them. You can also use piping to pull previous answers and insert these into succeeding questions in the survey.

If you’re unsure about how to create a particular survey, you can get inspiration with an existing template. Clicking on the template drop-down menu will display a myriad of options ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to employee self-assessment forms. And if you’re an Enterprise customer, you can create your own survey templates and share these for your staff users to use for their individual projects.

When you’re done, you can choose to distribute your survey and collect data through multiple channels: your website, Facebook, email, QR codes, and even SMS. If internet is intermittent in your area, you can use offline mode to store data locally using your mobile device, and it’ll upload automatically once you reconnect. You’ll want to make sure to use a regular browser when collecting responses though, since closing a private or incognito browser will delete any history or data right after.

SmartSurvey’s core features are laid out neatly in a clean dashboard. Divided into three main sections, you’ll find options to create new and manage existing surveys; add files, themes and questions in libraries for future use; and access to the product’s documentation, the latest news, and in-app support. Libraries takes organization further by allowing you to build a repository of template surveys, themes, and questions to use for any future survey you need to conduct. It also has an address book where you can manage your respondents’ information in a contact list.

Once you’ve gathered enough responses from your audience, you can view and analyze the results as they update in real time in the Results tab of your survey. The Summary section is an easy-to-read overview of your survey results per question. You can toggle to view the full list of responses, filter the results when looking for specific data, and export it to a Microsoft Word. If you need a full report in a CSV file, you can click on the Export button to select the parameters, frequency, and the report type. Available reports for download will be listed in the Latest Reports queue to the right of the screen.

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SmartSurvey Features

  • Customize surveys, questionnaires, and forms with 20+ question types and your own branding
  • Use advanced skip logic and survey actions based on the respondent’s responses to ensure they complete the process
  • Display your survey in multiple languages and gather data in the respondent’s language of choice
  • Create a library of frequently used themes, questions, and files to save time and effort
  • View and analyze your results in real time to get the answers you need right away

SmartSurvey Pricing

  • Free for 1 user, 15 questions per survey, and 100 responses/month
  • £25/month Pro plan for 1 user, unlimited questions per survey, and 1500 responses/month
  • £50/month Business plan for 2 users, unlimited questions per survey, and unlimited responses/month

Discounted annual pricing and enterprise options are available.

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