When this happens...
TrelloNew Activity
Then do this...
SlybroadcastStart New Campaign Using an Audio File

Worried about project details falling through the cracks? This Trello-Slybroadcast integration will allow you and your team members to receive quick and reliable updates for your Trello account. This integration will make sure that you or your team members never miss another Trello update ever again.

How this Trello-Slybroadcast integration works.

  1. An activity in logged within Trello. (e.i. Card update, Task creation, Card removal, etc.)
  2. Slybroadcast will send a designated voice message to the recipients you provide.

Apps involved

  • Trello
  • Slybroadcast

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When this happens...
then do this!
Card Updated

Triggers when a Card is updated in Trello.

Start New Campaign Using an Audio URL

Sends a slybroadcast voice mail to a person or a group of people using an audio file URL.

New Notification

Triggers when you get a new notification in Trello.

Start New Campaign Using an Audio File

Sends a slybroadcast voice mail to a person or group of people using an audio file that has need uploaded to your slybroadcast account.

New Card

Triggers when a new card is added.

Create List

Adds a new list on a specific board.

New Activity

Triggers when there is activity in Trello.

Create Board

Creates a new board.

New Label Added to Card

Triggers when a label is added in a Trello card.

Create Card

Adds a new card on a specific board and list.

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Slybroadcast is an application that allows you to send a voice message directly to the voice-mailboxes of thousands of phones, within minutes.

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