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Slack mention · November 16, 2018

Behind the Scenes of Pizza to the Polls

No one likes standing in line for hours, much less for a few minutes. When you're at the grocery store or the bank, you do it because you have to. But when it comes to voting, long lines can be the hurdle that prevents people from taking the more
Slack mention · October 31, 2018

Our Favorite Zaps: Save Time Managing Your Shopify Store

Successful retail businesses run on follow through. When you make a sale, you have to deliver the product or service, send an invoice or receipt, and follow up with the customer about their satisfaction. When online shoppers abandon their carts, you need to chase after them and cheerfully remind more
Slack mention · October 23, 2018

How to Use Zapier's Paths to Automate Decisions

How do you automate a decision? Actions are easy enough to automate, especially with Zapier. But a decision? Even a repetitive choice might, in turn, lead to other decisions. So how can you reduce the time you spend making the same decisions that lead to different outcomes? You use more
Slack update · October 5, 2018

New for Our Slack Integration: Set When Status Should Expire

Slack status updates are great ways to let your team know what you're doing—whether you're on vacation, at a meeting, or working on an important task. Once you're finished, that status is no longer relevant. Zapier's Slack integration's Set Status action can now more
Slack mention · July 31, 2018

Team Chat Apps Showdown: Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Team chat apps have made a huge dent in reducing internal email at organizations. They improve communication by encouraging brevity, allowing for opt-in conversations, and reshaping expectations about how and when people will reply. Two of the best team chat apps, Slack and Microsoft Teams, are quite different in more
Slack mention · July 27, 2018

When Slack Won the Team Chat Market

It’s hard to stop a rocket, impossible to ignore an idea whose time had come. For a species as talkative as homo sapiens, a chat app was always bound to be the killer app for smart devices. And in 2013, it’d be easy to assume HipChat was more
Slack mention · July 27, 2018

The 12 Best Team Chat Apps for Your Company

“To err is human,” wrote Alexander Pope, but he could have as easily written, “To communicate is human.” From pictograms carved into stone to the latest chat apps, humans always find better ways to communicate. It’s no surprise AIM and MSN Messenger were some of the internet's more
Slack mention · July 18, 2018

How an eCommerce Entrepreneur Prototyped His Product With Zapier

“It's not a question of if Zapier can do it, but how.” - Tivan Amour, founder at SaveMySalesOnline shoppers are a finicky bunch. In fact, 75% of online shoppers add items to their shopping cart and then leave without buying anything. This behavior, better known as shopping cart more
Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated April 25, 2018

It's the chat app that's taken the world by storm, the tool that's replacing email and IM and everything between. It's supposed to be just for business teams, but its free tier has become the new popular way to form an online community.

Slack wasn't the first team chat app, nor will it be the last—if anything, its popularity has plenty of other apps adding chat features to their latest versions. But as a chat tool built by the team that designed Flickr and then set out to build a game business, Slack is business collaboration tool that feels fun.

It starts with Slack's simple, playful design, with a bright (and customizable) color scheme, large icons, and customizable emoji (yup, you can upload your own emoji and use emoji to add a reaction—similar to a Facebook *Like*—to any post). A random quirky (and customizable) quote appears as its loading. Its design is basic, yet customizable with the colors you want.

All that leads you to Slack's core feature: team chat. You can peek at and join any public channel—or chat group—or could make your own channel. You can reply in a new message, or start a thread that links everything together in one conversation. Your standard random talk will likely go in #general, the default channel, while each team, interest group, and more will likely make their own channels. But since everything's public, you can feel free to see what other teams are up to, and can search through the entire archives of your whole company's conversations.

That is, unless they're private. Slack includes private channels and direct messages, ways to talk privately to groups or individuals respectively. Perhaps you need to plan a surprise birthday party, or just want to see if your coworker is feeling better today—direct messages are perfect for these, and messages here will only show up in your own searches. And if you're wondering what time it is for a teammate before getting in touch, just tap on their name for contact info, current time, and more—a great tool for remote teams.

There's also Slackbot, your friendly robotic sidekick in Slack. It'll ask you a few questions to help setup your account, then can be your personal notifications tool. You can use Slackbot with Zapier or other integrations to send you messages whenever anything happens—a new contact fills out your form, a new sale is made, when you're mentioned on your team blog, and much more.

So, you have a simple way to talk in groups or in private, something dozens of other tools—from email (with cc) to IM—have given for years. But its Slack's integrations that make it indispensable. Drag in a file, and odds are you can preview it in Slack. Or, share a Google Doc, YouTube video, Tweet and much more, and Slack will show a preview right along with your chats. You can even bring in apps, typing /giphy to find a relevant gif or /zoom to start a Zoom video chat. Or, you can star a message, and Zapier can send it to hundreds of other apps to help you start work right from chats.

It's not one thing that makes Slack so great. It's all the things it does, in one place, in an interface that makes it fun and easy to stay in touch. It's a team chat app that'll help you do more, together.

Learn how to build your own Slack Chat Bots to get more done right from chat.

Originally published December 23, 2015; updated April 25, 2018 with new screenshots, pricing, and features

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