Search for Google Drive files from Slack

Want a quick way to find the file you're talking about in Slack? Just setup this Zapier integration to build your own custom Slack Google Drive bot. Whenever you enter a message in the channel you select, Zapier will find the file matching that message, and post it to Slack. It's a simple way to find documents without leaving Slack.

Note: Once you've set this Zap up, you can add a filter step to watch for only specific types of messages in your Slack channel, and a formatter step to remove the bot name from your search. Here's more info on building a Slack bot with Zapier.

How this Slack-Google Drive integration works

  1. Enter a message in the Slack channel you select
  2. Zapier will search for that message content in Google Drive
  3. It'll then share that file back to your Slack channel

Apps involved

  • Google Drive
  • Slack
Search for Google Drive files from Slack
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