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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated November 4, 2015

Customer support requires far more than answering your users' questions. You'll need to reply quickly whenever a customer sends in a support request, but then you'll often also need to dig into their problem, solve the issue they mentioned, and followup to make sure everything's ok. But once you answer the support email, it's so easy to simply forget to check back and make sure everything's working.

Sirportly is an email support tool that includes tools to help make sure no support ticket ever falls by the wayside, forgotten as newer tickets fill your queue. It starts out with filters so you can jump into just the tickets you want to answer—or find those who have been waiting the longest for a reply. Add service level agreements to Sirportly, and it'll alert you if a ticket is overdue for an answer to make sure your customers are helped as quickly as you've promised.

Answering support ticket themselves is simple in Sirportly. You can use pre-written replies to answer common questions or let a user know that you're looking into their problem, then run a macro to automatically assign tickets to specific team members, escalate them or add a tag, or anything else needed. You can even set an escalation path in Sirportly, so tickets automatically go to the next tier of support and get assigned to the correct agent without everyone having to know who specifically should take on this ticket.

It's easy to just reply, but often you need to run through a similar set of steps to actually solve each customer support issue. For those standard operating procedures, you can make a set of checklists that Sirportly can add to your tickets automatically with a macro. They can remind your team, perhaps, to check a customer's purchase history before replying, or remind them to check back on a ticket later to ensure the customer's problem has been resolved.

Or, you can schedule followups automatically inside Sirportly. Right alongside your other tools for answering a ticket or writing internal notes, you'll find a Follow-ups button where you can have a ticket's status or priority changed, a macro run, or a reply automatically sent to the user a certain amount of time after your initial reply. That's a perfect way to automatically check back on a customer and make sure the problem has been solved—or to remind yourself to check back again tomorrow to see if your team has fixed the bug that customer reported.

Those tools and more will help your team deliver the best possible support—and it'll be easy to notice the difference with Sirportly's reports. Rather than just showing graphs or charts with the number of tickets answered, Sirportly lists your team's progress in paragraph of text that says, say, "The Sales department had the most tickets (with 76 tickets)" or "The average response time was 73 minutes". You'll never have to look back at numbers to see if your performance is up—Sirportly will tell you quickly at a glance.

If you're looking for an app to help your team offer the best possible support to your customers, Sirportly's tools may be just what you need. They'll help you followup on every ticket, to make sure you really solve your customers' problems each time.

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Sirportly Features

  • Manage customer support emails as a team
  • Use SLAs to ensure tickets get a reply on time
  • Add followups to automatically reply, add a note, or run a macro after a certain time on a ticket
  • Use filters to view messages about specific topics
  • Track team progress on support with real-language reports

Sirportly Pricing

  • Free Startup plan for 3 users and 75 messages per month
  • £14.99/month per user (around $23) Sirportly Cloud plan for full features
  • From £520 one-time fee (around $800) for self-hosted Sirportly Enterprise for up to 10 users

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What is Sirportly?


Sirportly is a full-featured customer communication/helpdesk platform.