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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie Gonzaga · Last updated May 3, 2017
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Running a successful services business means paying close attention to your clients' experience. Their first interaction with your team is often through your booking process—availability, scheduling, and reservations—which means you need to make that as is transparent and easy to manage as possible. is online scheduling software that helps you do that, ensuring your clients enter and leave happy and stress-free. It provides the tools you need to manage clients, service providers, and availability times all in one app—and lets your customers easily manage their own bookings. You'll never need to worry about double bookings, missed schedules and, most important of all, lost business.

Setting up your booking system may feel overwhelming at first, so it helps to go through’s Getting Started guide first. To start out, create new services first, add your service providers next with working schedules for each, and finally set up your website to accept bookings. If you already have an established business, you can import and manage your existing client base from your account’s general settings. You can also configure the timezone, time formats, event settings, and other scheduling details needed to run your business.

The Manage section is where you can add or manage services, providers, clients, and users. Click the + button to add a new service, or click on an existing service to edit its details. Service Providers can include staff, equipment, venues, or facilities—anything that help run your business—which makes a flexible tool to schedule any resource in your company, not just time.

One costly mistake is letting your clients overbook your service providers. fixes that with a maximum capacity setting for each service provider, where the service is blocked once booking capacity hits the limit. Once your client places a reservation, they will receive email and SMS notifications for confirmation, reminders, and booking changes. If you or your clients need to cancel or re-schedule, drag-and-drop the bookings across the built-in calendar. You can pull the booking up or down to change its duration, edit booking information, and add notes to bookings for clear communication within your organization. Clients are immediately notified of any changes made to their bookings, and they have the option to cancel or reschedule via the email confirmation they receive in their inbox.

If you offer gym or entertainment memberships to loyal customers, you can take advantage of the Membership tool. This is a new feature where you can restrict bookings or offer discounts and special offers to clients who sign up for memberships. Gyms, coaching classes, entertainment centers, and the like can use Memberships build customer loyalty and increase monthly revenue. And, using's built-in payments, your customers can book appointments, manage their membership, and pay for services online for a one-stop .

With a steady stream of clients booking your service providers, you’ll be able to take extra steps to provide exceptional service. The Reports feature, for instance, gives visual insights and statistics to help you make informed decisions as your business grows. You’ll also find integrations with popular apps including WordPress, Joomla, G Suite, and more to automate everyday tasks.

The best integration, perhaps, is with your calendar. Both you and your clients can enjoy 2-way calendar sync, adding your appointments to your calendar to make sure you never forget a booking. And, to help you keep from double-booking your own time, it can import your existing appointments to, which prompts the built-in scheduler to block time when you have external commitments.

You should be focusing on running your business, not on your schedule. Whether you’re a small yoga studio or a large sports center renting equipment—or anyone else that needs to quickly get appointments booked—you can use to manage your growing business and make sure you never miss an appointment.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know! Features

  • Manage bookings online for your business

    • Organize services, providers, clients, and users together
    • View new bookings, workload, client attendance within a single visual dashboard
    • Drag-and-drop bookings across a built-in calendar to reschedule
    • Send email and SMS notifications when clients book, cancel, or re-schedule bookings
    • iOS and Android apps available for admins and clients Pricing

  • Free plan for 50 bookings and 1 custom feature

    • $9.90/month Basic plan for 100 bookings and 3 custom features
    • $29.90/month Standard plan for 500 bookings and 8 custom features
    • $59.90/month Premium plan for 2000 bookings and unlimited custom features

2 months free with annual plan

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