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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated January 29, 2015

It takes data to market well: data about your customers, the things they like, the products they've purchased, the places they live, and more. Sure, you can market without all of that, but your marketing is going to be scattershot, and you'll have no way to know how effective it will be. Even if all you're doing is sending email newsletters to market your products, data can help you make the most of your messages and ensure the right people get the emails they're most likely to open.

That's why is focused on data right from its dashboard. Sign in for the first time, and you'll see tools to bring in the data you already have, or get new data to add to your collection. Bringing in data is easy: you can import your lists, connect to Salesforce and import your leads and contacts from your CRM, or integrate with Shopify to add your customers to your email lists.

Getting new data is nearly just as easy. There's the standard form tools you'd expect in an email app, which let people fill out a form and subscribe to your emails. Or, you can add's widget to your Facebook page to gather subscribers there. You can then take your marketing mobile by by letting people send an SMS message to your shortcode. You'll get their number and any info they sent in the message, and can easily market to them on their phone in the future.

Then it's time to start running your marketing campaigns. helps you know what to do next with actionable headers to Collect, Create, Send, Share, and Analyze. Once you've got subscribers, you'll jump to the second tab and create a campaign. There's a number of templates, including versatile basic templates that are easy to tweak with the drag-and-drop editor. Once you've got the design you want, you can run a spam check to see your message's likelihood of ending up in a spam folder, or run an inbox test to see how it'll look in a variety of email apps and services.

Once your email's finished, you'll head to the Send tab where you can select the list you want your email to be sent to, as well as the audience that'll receive it. The audience feature lets you hone in on people in a certain location, who've bought a certain product, or any other variable you wish to focus on. You'll then pick if you want to A/B test your message, and finally can send it off to your contacts.

Or, if you'd rather, you can automate your marketing with your newly created messages. There's an autoresponder tool that lets you pick any of the emails you've created, and have them sent to your lists automatically or when people meet certain criteria. You can also automate your SMS marketing, creating messages that'll automatically be sent to people when they text your shortcode.

If all that's too much,'s team can help you out. They offer services to migrate your lists from other apps, design new email templates for your company, setup your app and integrate it with your workflow, and even train your team how to use it. It's an app that's focused on helping you know what to do next with your email marketing, but its services can go beyond that by letting you do almost nothing while still getting the results of a great email campaign.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know! Features

  • Send marketing emails, SMS messages, and social network updates
  • Profile your audience based on location and activity
  • Frequency limiting to keep you from emailing the same person too often
  • Email tester to see how your email looks in dozens of email apps
  • Marketing automation to send messages automation with events Pricing

  • $15/month for sending up to 2k emails
  • $25/month for sending up to 5k emails
  • $45/month for sending up to 10k emails
  • $65/month for sending up to 15k emails
  • 4.9p per UK SMS

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