Get Sidekick notifications for new Smartsheet rows

Do you really want to be checking spreadsheets all the time just to know if they've been updated? A tedious task like that is just perfect for a Smartsheet Sidekick integration. Set this one up and we'll watch your Smartsheet like a hawk, sending you a notification on Sidekick the moment any new row is added. So until then, sit back, relax, or get to work on something else. Whatever you do, Zapier has this one handled.

How It Works

  1. A new row is added on Smartsheet
  2. Zapier automatically sends a Sidekick notification

What You Need

  • Smartsheet account
  • Sidekick account
Get Sidekick notifications for new Smartsheet rows
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Smartsheet is an intuitive online project management tool enabling teams to increase productivity using cloud, collaboration, and mobile technologies.

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Sidekick is a free service that gives you email superpowers with contact insights, email tracking, and email scheduling.

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