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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 7, 2015

Your email inbox holds a wealth of knowledge about your contacts, the companies they work for, their connections, and so much more. And if it were a bit smarter, it could keep you from second-guessing and sending followup emails too quickly, and perhaps could even save you time with template email messages.

Email apps change slowly. If you want for your favorite email service to make sense of your inbox, you'll be waiting for a long time. Or, you could upgrade your inbox today with Sidekick, the email extension for Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail from HubSpot. It can work alongside HubSpot, HubSpot CRM and Salesforce, give you insights into your emails, contacts, and connections, and make your email messages smarter.

It all starts with your email inbox. When you signup for Sidekick, you'll enter your email address, and then be asked which email app you use. If you use another app to check your email, but your account is hosted on Gmail or Google Apps, you can just select the Gmail option to get Sidekick's features when you're checking Gmail online. There's also iOS and Android apps, so you can check Sidekick on the go. Then, if others at your company are already using Sidekick, you'll see their names and have the option to join a team with them.

After that, you'll go to the Sidekick dashboard, where you'll see all of your notifications. Sidekick will get you to send a quick test email with tracking enabled, and then will give you a notification when Sidekick itself reads your message. Next time you want to track an email, you can just click the Sidekick track box in your email app, and you'll then get notified every time your contact opens your email or clicks a link in it. That way, you'll know if a potential employer is reading your resume, or a potential client is checking your proposal—or whether you need to send a followup message.

You'll get the notifications in your browser or with the Sidekick mobile apps, or you can sort through all of your notifications in Sidekick's dashboard. Then, for the rest of Sidekick's smarts, you'll need to go back to your email inbox.

There, when you open a new email message, you'll now get detailed info about the sender from Sidekick. It'll pull in their social network profiles so you can see their occupation, company, and most recent Tweets, along with info from Sidekick about the emails you've sent them. It'll even show detailed info about their employer, so you'll sound more knowledgable when you followup. And, if you connect it to your HubSpot, HubSpot CRM, or Salesforce account, you can add new contacts to your CRM and view your own CRM data on the contact right from your email inbox.

Sending followup emails can get tedious, though, so Sidekick offers one more feature when linked to a HubSpot CRM account: email templates. You'll get up to 5 templates with a free account, or 1,000 templates with a business account. You'll type these up inside HubSpot CRM, adding fields to your emails for contacts' names, company info and more to make personalized emails without typing much. Then, when you're writing an email, you can click Sidekick's Template button to quickly make a reply using your template and the CRM data you've gathered in just a couple clicks. And, in a coming update, you'll be able to send emails from Sidekick on a schedule that takes into account your recipients' locations and will send the message at a time that's best for them.

If you've wanted a way to find out more about your contacts inside Gmail, know when they've opened your message, and automate your replies with templates, Sidekick is a great extension. It's helpful on its own, but when tied to a CRM is very powerful tool to help you make sense of the connections in your email inbox.

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Sidekick Features

  • Find out more about contacts in your inbox from their social profiles
  • Get detailed stats on your contacts' companies
  • Track when your emails are opened and which links are clicked
  • Send emails on the schedule you want, with timezone support
  • Write emails quickly with email templates
  • Supports Gmail (in Google Chrome), Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail

Sidekick Pricing

  • Free for unlimited email profiles, 5 email templates and up to 200 email open/click notifications
  • $10/user/month Power User plan for unlimited email open/click notifications
  • $50/user/month Sidekick for Business plan for 1,000 email templates, 1,000 documents, and up to 1,000 minutes/month of phone calls

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