Mail Thankster handwritten cards for new Shopify purchases

Want to go the extra mile for your customers? Zapier can really help by connecting Shopify to Thankster, and automatically sending a handwritten card whenever you have a new Shopify purchase.

Note: You can create a card template beforehand in Thankster (including cover design and handwriting style), or choose a generic card when you create your Zap.

How It Works

  1. A new paid order is received Shopify
  2. Zapier passes the mailing address from that customer to Thankster, along with the text of the message
  3. Thankster turns that into a card that uses natural looking handwriting and puts it in the mail

What You Need

  • Shopify account
  • Thankster account
Mail Thankster handwritten cards for new Shopify purchases
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Shopify is a simple way to create an online store to list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods.

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Creates and mails cards and notes with authentic handwriting, requiring only address information and message text. Great for CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and more.

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