Send new Shopify payment events to Tend

Spending marketing dollars blind is never a good ideal. See which marketing tactics work best to drive paying customers. With this automation, you can send an event to Tend anytime someone makes a purchase within Shopify. The payment event will be associated with the contact who made the purchase. You’ll then be able to see the payment on the contact’s timeline in Tend. You’ll also be able to do a search in Tend for everyone who made a purchase and see which marketing tactics worked the best to drive sales.

How this Tend-Shopify integration works

  1. A new charge is created in Shopify
  2. Zapier creates a new event in Tend

Apps involved

  • Shopify
  • Tend
Send new Shopify payment events to Tend
Shopify integration logo

Shopify is a simple way to create an online store to list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods.

Tend integration logo

Tend is a web analytics tool that makes it easy to see what drives customers.

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