When this happens...
ShopifyNew Paid Order
Then do this...
Coupon CarrierSend a Code Email

Sending a coupon code after an order has been paid for in your store ensures customer loyalty and recurring purchases. But the process of maintaining code lists, generating and importing unique codes and sending them through your email service provider is very time consuming. By integrating with Zapier and Coupon Carrier all this can be automated. You may even let Coupon Carrier generate coupons directly from Shopify.

Note: An email must first be set up and activated in Coupon Carrier in order to choose it.

How this Shopify-Coupon Carrier integration works

  1. An order is paid for in your Shopify store front
  2. Zapier triggers the email with a unique code to be sent through Coupon Carrier

Apps involved

  • Shopify
  • Coupon Carrier

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is added to your Shopify account.

Create Customer

Creates a new customer.

New Paid Order

Triggers whenever a new purchase is "paid". You can choose a different order status like pending or refunded (with line item support).

Create Product

Creates a new product.

New Cancelled Order

Triggers whenever a order is "cancelled" (with line item support).

Create Order

Creates a new order (with line item support).

New Product

Triggers when a new product is added to your Shopify store.

Assign a Code

Picks and returns a code from a specified code list for a unique user.

New Abandoned Cart

Triggers whenever a cart is "abandoned" (only open carts) (with line item support).

Send a Code Email

Trigger an active Code Email, containing a unique code, to be sent to an email address.

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Shopify is a simple way to create an online store to list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods.

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Coupon Carrier is a coupon and code distribution service to help you generate and distribute your unique codes. You can integrate with several different email service providers to monitor for new subscribers or events.

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