Create SharpCloud items from Twilio SMS messages

Twilio provides an innovative way to communicate with a system, allowing a web service API to receive an SMS message. Easily use their SMS messages to create items in any SharpCloud story. Never worry about duplicating work ever again.

How It Works

  1. AN SMS is sent to your Twilio account
  2. SharpCloud creates an item using the text of your SMS

What You Need

  • Twilio account
  • SharpCloud account
Create SharpCloud items from Twilio SMS messages
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An easy tool for developers to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

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SharpCloud is visual communication software for business and lives at the intersection of several products: spreadsheet, database and presentation software. Business users can be empowered, without the need for specialist IT skills, to build stories around data, documents and discussion and share these across the enterprise.

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