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Stephanie Gonzaga
Reviewed by Stephanie Gonzaga
Last updated December 2, 2015

Some of your first interactions with a company—especially after buying their products—are through email. You'll get an email with your receipt, often followed by subsequent emails that tell you how to use the product and get the most out of it. These transactional emails are important for helping new customers, but updating and maintaining them can be difficult.

After all, unlike normal email newsletters, a transactional email such as a receipt or a drip email that teaches how to use a product needs to be customized for each customer. Typically, this requires coding—which means your sales and marketing teams will have to wait for your developers to have time before changing text in an email.

SendWithUs changes that, with an easy-to-use email editor for drip and transactional emails. You can create emails, customize them for each recipient, then take advantage of reliable transactional email services to send out your messages. It gives marketers full control over emails with ready-to-edit templates, analytics, and reliable automation tools that don't require coding.

SendWithUs is packed with the most essential features to make creating and updating transactional emails a breeze. You can create welcome emails, notifications, invitations, and payment receipts and more either with SendWithUs’s existing email templates, a blank template, or by importing your own HTML. Then, its snippets feature lets you automatically add blocks of text—perhaps a customer's name or product info—to all transactional emails, for simple personalized messages.

You can even quickly customize emails for readers in different parts of the world through its Translation feature. SendWithUS doesn’t directly translate your email content, but it lets you update all of your localized emails at the same time, from the Templates tab. That way, you can quickly customize each email and make changes without having to manually search through every message.

Then, you can schedule drip emails based on anything you want, or segment your lists to reach specific customers or potential users. Reuse templates, and it'll be quick to make every message you need. And since you can import existing email templates, you won't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can build on any existing email work, and manage all your company's messages in a simpler interface.

Once you've designed your new emails or created your own twist on a SendWithUs template, you can connect your transactional email service—including Mailgun, Sendgrid, Amazon SES, or Mandrill—to send your messages. Once everything's sent out, SendWithUs' suite of analytics tools will show you your open rates, subscribes, unsubscribes, and direct responses.

SendWithUs' pricing is a tad different from your average email services, since you'll need to pay for both SendWithUs and a transactional email service to send your messages. The good thing is, you'll get the best of both worlds: affordable and reliable email delivery from a dedicated transactional email service, and an email editor that's as easy to use as your average email newsletter app.

It's a nice mix between the two extremes of email marketing: code-level control, or an easy-to-use app. SendWithUs lets you customize emails and send them the way you want, while still being simple enough for anyone at your company to use.

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Sendwithus Features

  • Create transactional emails using pre-made templates

    • Import your own HTML email templates
    • Test which version of your email works with A/B testing
    • Track subscriber engagement using powerful analytics built into the app
    • CSS inlined automatically for email client compatibility

Sendwithus Pricing

  • Free Hacker plan for sending emails to 1,000 recipients per month with core features

    • $79/month Starter plan for up to 10,000 recipients, online chat support, and email archive
    • $199/month Business plan for up to 40k recipients with Starter plan features
    • $399/month Growth plan for up to 100k recipients with Starter plan features and template assistance

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Sendwithus is the easiest way to send email from your app. You can manage and edit all of your marketing and transactional templates in one place and send them via the UI or directly from your app.