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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated September 28, 2016
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Starting an online store is the simple part. Attracting visitors and turning them into customers is the tricky part—the area you'll need the most help. And that's where SendOwl focuses its efforts.

SendOwl is a simple way to sell your products, whether they're physical goods, digital items, a course that's sent over email, or even a full subscription. And yet, it's not designed for building a full store—instead, it just makes simple Buy buttons for the things you're selling.

Odds are, you already have a Facebook Page, website, or blog for your business—and if not, starting one is simple. That's where your brand will live, where you'll interact with potential customers, pique their interest, and hopefully make them want to buy your products.

In SendOwl's app, you'll then make listings for each product, service, subscription, or bundle (a set of multiple existing products). These simple listings include just your product name, its price, and type of listing: Digital file, software, physical, redirect, or drip. For digital files (say, a PDF of your book or an MOV file of your video), you'll upload the file you're selling—and with PDFs, you can choose to stamp the PDF with the customer's name to prevent piracy. Software products let you add the file and auto-generate license keys or choose them from a list. Redirect products send the buyer to a website link you specify, likely at a non-public page where they can view your course or materials, while drips let you send emails or digital products over time. And physical products let you ask for shipping info.

There are more settings if you want to dig in, with options for product images, sales limits, pay-what-you-want pricing, and a link for more info. But odds are, all you'll want is the Button Code link on the bottom of product pages. That'll give you a link where customers can click to buy your product directly from an email or social network, or a button embed code to buy that product, add it to your cart, or view the full cart.

That's where your website comes into play. Your SendOwl listings really don't need that much info—all they are is a way for customers to buy this product at that price. On your website or blog, you can make pages for each of your products with as much info as you want, and add the SendOwl embed codes for that product.

Selling only one item? You could just put a Buy Now button on that page, and that's it. Making your own store? Just build a page for each product, add the Add to Cart button for the correct product to each page, and then put a View Cart button in your site's header, sidebar, or footer so shoppers can easily see their selections and checkout.

SendOwl then integrates with other services to handle everything else you need. You can use PayPal, Stripe,, or BitPay to accept payments, and can send emails through MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and 8 other email newsletter apps. You can even store downloadable files in Amazon S3, or let customers store their purchases in Dropbox directly.

You'll then need to ship your orders, occasionally issue refunds, and make sure your sales are growing. SendOwl lets you manage all that within its apps, with lists of customers and reports on your sales. With its quick checkout process, your customers will be able to get the products they want quicker than ever.

SendOwl makes it easy to turn any site into a store. Instead of having to worry about optimizing both your blog and store, SendOwl lets you focus just on one site—with simple checkout buttons to put wherever you want.

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SendOwl Features

  • Create listings for each product or service you want to sale
  • Share your products with checkout buttons on your site or with direct links on social networks
  • Sell individual items or add a checkout button to your site
  • Sale digital or physical products—with options to redirect users to a page, create a software license key, send them a drip email, or stamp a PDF for piracy prevention
  • Accept credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin payments via payment processors
  • Add coupons and affiliate links to drive sales

SendOwl Pricing

  • $9/month Basic plan for 10 products, 1GB storage, and customizations
  • $15/month Standard plan for 30 products, 3GB storage, PDF stamping, and affiliates
  • $24/month Premium plan for 100 products, 1 subscription, 5GB storage, upsells, and video streaming
  • $39/month Business plan for 250 products, 3 subscriptions, 15GB storage, and multiple users

Pricing does not include per-sale transaction fees from your payment processing service

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SendOwl is an independent ecommerce platform that helps you sell your digital products online. You create your products, securely upload them to SendOwl and add a buy now button to your website, blog or social media account. We take care of the all the hard to handle payment gateway integration and digital file delivery so you can sit back and watch the money come in!

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