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When you open Sendicate, you'll see previews of your most recent draft emails followed by your recently sent messages. You can dive back into a draft, finish it up, and send it just by selecting its entry. Or, you can tap the Compose tab at the top of the page to start writing a new email. You'll have sending options at the top, much like in a normal email app—only this time, you'll select a list of contacts instead of entering individual email addresses for your recipients.

Then, it's time to lay out your email. You can pick from columns, headlines, images, or video sections to add to your message. Click one, and you'll see options to add the appropriate media and accompanying text. You might just pick a simple 1 column layout for a longer letter, or just an image or headline section for an announcement email. Or, you can make a longer email; just add as many sections as you need, then reorder them to present your news in the best way possible.

Now that you've got the content of your email ready, click the Preview Email link to see how your message will look in your recipients' inboxes. There's a number of simple designs for your emails, all of which work with any layout you choose for your emails. Or, you can add your own designs to make your emails looks the way you want. Then, it's time to send your message. Just click the orange Send final email button, or send yourself a test email first to make sure everything's fine.

You'll still need subscribers on your lists for your emails to have any effect, but you won't have to worry too much about them. Sendicate has simple signup forms, as well as spreadsheet and copy/paste import to bring along all of your contacts. Or, you can add contacts via its API or Zapier's integration. Then, you can segment your subscribers to make sure they get the emails that will interest them most, and schedule your emails to be sent at the time you want.

Mostly, though, you'll just have to think about your emails and the words and pictures you're sharing in them. Sendicate keeps all of the extra details out of sight, so you can focus on crafting the best emails possible.

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Sendicate Pricing

  • Free for up to 500 subscribers and 1k emails per month

  • $9/month for unlimited emails to 500 subscribers

  • $15/month for unlimited emails to 1k subscribers

  • $35/month for unlimited emails to 2.5k subscribers

  • $49/month for unlimited emails to 5k subscribers

  • $75/month for unlimited emails to 10k subscribers

Sendicate Features

  • Simple app designed to make email sending simple

  • Flexible templates let you add just want you want to emails

  • Manage messages from dashboard with rich previews

  • Segment subscribers and schedule emails

  • iOS app to add subscribers from anywhere

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