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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated November 25, 2016

Selling your products online can be quite simple, perhaps on a site like eBay. Starting your own branded store, however, can be much more difficult. You'll need your own site, powered by an eCommerce platform that can manage your product listings, accept payments, and handle new orders as they come in.

It sounds complicated, and it can be—but it doesn't have to be. Instead, you can start a store with a tool like Selz that lets you easily list products for sale wherever you want. Want to list products on Facebook or in your blog? Sure thing. Need a full store website? That's included as well.

You'll start out by adding your products to Selz, choosing from Physical, Digital, or Service products—the former for goods that need shipped, the latter for teaching or services, and digital for downloaded software, books, videos, and more. Or, you can import product listings from a spreadsheet. In each product listing, you can add a name and description, set your price (and list an original price for on-sale items, or let customers choose what they want to pay), and organize your products with categories and variants.

Selz lets you include a formatted description on each product with a blog-like editor to add detailed info, and even lets you add videos along with images to showcase your products. It can track your inventory and SKU codes, for a simple way to manage your back office at the same time. With digital items, you can make license keys to issue with purchases. And, to help you Google rankings, each product lets you tweak its SEO so the exact text you want.

Then it's time to get those products in front of your customers. Each product includes its own URL, so you can share it on social networks directly or with Selz' own built-in sharing buttons. You can also copy embed codes to put a Buy button on your blog or website, or embed a full store into your existing site.

Want a full store? Just jump over to the Store settings, enable your store, and give it a name, logo, icon, and domain. Your store comes with a free domain, or you can register your own domain and add it to your store. You can also enable Selz' Facebook store there, which puts all of your product listings into a new tab in your Facebook Page. For your standalone store site, the Themes tab lets you customize your store with over a dozen themes, each of which lets you tweak styles, colors, and typography, and add custom pages or a blog to share more info about your products.

When you've got customers for your products, Selz will keep track of them in the Orders tab, tracking all of your customers no matter where they purchased your products. You can ship each item or check their purchase details, then mark the order as complete to clear out your to-do list. It's an effective way to stay on top of what you need to ship out.

Selz keeps things simple with starting your own online store. With a built-in payments tool and options to sell products anywhere your customers are, it's a perfect way to turn your existing audience into customers.

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Selz Features

  • Create quick product listings and feature them in your blog, website, Facebook page, or with a Selz store
  • Customize your store with free, customizable themes
  • Accept payments with Selz' built-in payment processing, or via PayPal
  • Calculate shipping rates and prices in multiple currencies
  • Sell digital products with license keys and video streaming, along with physical goods
  • Track your sales with an analytics dashboard or 3rd party analytics

Selz Pricing

  • Free for up to 5 items, with a 2% transaction fee and core features
  • $12.99/month Lite plan for unlimited products, 2% transaction fee, customizable design, blog, and integrations
  • $19.99/month Standard plan for unlimited products, 1% transaction fee, PayPal support, custom fields, and advanced shipping rules
  • $26.99/month Pro plan for unlimited products, no transaction fee, custom receipts, tax invoicing, and license key support

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Selz is a seriously simple way to create an online store, and sell from existing websites and your social networks.

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