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Nathan Snelgrove
Written by Nathan SnelgroveLast updated September 11, 2017

How many times have you wondered where all your leads come from? What about which client you spend the most time on? Have you ever wondered who your most profitable client is, or which sales person on your team is struggling to complete deals? Sellf might be the CRM for you.

Sellf is a visual CRM designed to help you reach your goals by identifying trends and visualizing your process. Like most CRMs, it allows you to add clients to a database, log your phone calls, track emails, add notes to clients, and set reminders up with your team.

Then it goes beyond most other CRMs—it takes all the data, tracks it, gameifies it, and uses it to tell you how your business is going.

Add your team members and let them add the customers and deals they’re working on right now. Your sales team can add or import notes for each customer, and even say who else on the team gets to see what notes. They can also track their phone calls, or their emails, and make their progress available for anybody to check in on.

You can even add custom fields to each contact: The date you met, the industry, whether or not they’re subscribed to your newsletter, or whatever else you want.

Once all your customers are in the system, and you’re tracking all your potential deals, you can set up a monthly financial goal and track the value of each customer and each deal. Sellf will tell you when you reach your goal with delightful visuals and animations.

You can also track future goals. If you’re struggling to hit this month’s quota, but next month is all booked up and your future coffers will be overflowing, Sellf will make that clear.

Goals can be set for individual team members, too. If Jason is your best salesman and Maria’s just returning from paternal leave, you might not want them to have the same goals. Sellf lets you set reasonable goals for each member of your team, so you can hold them accountable to manageable standards.

Sellf’s interface makes this all very easy to do, but it also makes it fun by gameifying the data. Like your favourite step tracking app, Sellf gives you clear goals and creates healthy competition with your team and with your own achievements.

And finally, Sellf excels at taking all this data and reporting on it. As the account manager, it’s easy to run reports and find out who your best seller is, who’s struggling, and where your leads are coming from. You can then use all these reports to adjust your goals and keep your newly-gamed sales experience winnable and fair.

All of this is wrapped up in a colourful interface. Friendly and competent, Sellf is easy to use and engage with. It’s so much more than just a list of your contacts and current cases or deals. If you’ve used Trello, for example, you’ll feel right at home with its kanban presentation of monthly deals. If you’ve used Asana, you’ll feel at home with Sellf’s colour scheme.

And, of course, it comes with a smorgasbord of apps. Sellf includes apps for the web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Android tablets. It even integrates with your Slack channel, so you can celebrate in your communications centre every time a deal is closed.

There are a lot of CRMs out there, but Sellf is different because it actually does something with all your data. If you’re looking for a CRM that helps you increase your sales and visualize your pipeline, Sellf is all you need.

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Sellf Features

  • Manage your contacts and sales in a mobile, gamified CRM
  • Track upcoming events with customers and organize team meetings
  • Create and assign tasks to your team, and tie them to specific customers
  • Log emails and calls with customers, along with files and notes about meetings
  • Use reports to find out who your most profitable customer is, who needs help on your team with a sale, and where your leads come from
  • Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and web apps available

Sellf Pricing

  • €15/month (~$18) per user for core features and 2GB of storage per user (max 10 user per team)
  • €30/month (~$36) per user for 5GB of storage per user, detailed reports, and API access
  • €70/month (~$83) per user for 50GB of storage per user, and an account manager for quick customer support

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