Post new ScheduleOnce bookings to a Slack channel

If someone books a meeting with you, knowing about that as soon as possible can help you keep on top of your schedule. Most likely you spend a good amount of your day in your team chat app, so why not have notifications of your meetings sent directly there?

How It Works

  1. You have a new booking in ScheduleOnce
  2. Zapier posts the booking to a Slack channel

What You Need

  • ScheduleOnce account
  • Slack account
Post new ScheduleOnce bookings to a Slack channel
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ScheduleOnce is an end-to-end solution for scheduling with prospects and customers through all phases of the customer lifecycle.

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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.

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