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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 29, 2015

You don’t have time to babysit your apps. You need your apps to speed you up, and the last thing you need is to have to remember to forward an email to your CRM or copy and paste customer interaction info into yet another app. And you likely need something that’d automatically find the most important emails in your inbox, make sure you know exactly what needs your attention today, and let you reply to those messages right from the same app.

SalesforceIQ—formerly *RelateIQ*—is designed to be exactly that app. A new member of the Salesforce family of apps, SalesforceIQ is a new take on the traditional CRM with a modern design and mobile apps that you’d expect. Instead of the traditional focus on deals and leads, SalesforceIQ is focused on your contacts and interactions.

When you first setup your SalesforceIQ account, you’ll add your Gmail, Exchange, or Office 365 account—and be sure to select your work account, not your personal email account. You’ll then add your contacts, organize them into lists, and SalesforceIQ will do the rest. It’ll automatically find any new email interactions you have with those contacts, letting you view them and optionally share the entire thread with your team.

You can then reply to a contact right inside SalesforceIQ and the message will be sent to their email from your email address, just as though you were still using your traditional email app. Or, you can start a new email conversation with a contact from SalesforceIQ, and track the entire interaction flow automatically.

On your own, that wouldn’t be much more than a normal email inbox with nice icons and better message threading. But with your entire team sharing emails with partners and clients, and SalesforceIQ assembling all of them together into a cohesive view of your company’s interactions with that client and all your contacts at that company, you’ll have a much better picture of what’s going on. Every company and client will be linked together—or you can manually link contacts to a company if they’re not already—so you can see the entire conversation flow your company’s had with everyone there. And it’s not just emails: you can track calls and meetings, add notes with @mentions of other team members, or filter the conversation if it all gets to be too much.

The filtering power of SalesforceIQ along with its lists are what you’ll use to drill down and make sense of everything beyond just emails. You can add lists for sales with the typical leads and opportunities, business development with deals and events, fundraising with investments and recent activity, or for whatever you’d like to track for your workflow with a custom list. That’ll add custom fields on each contact, where you can track each relevant piece of data with text blocks or multiple choice selectors, and will let you track your contacts’ progress through the different stages of your business activity.

That’s when the filtering tools will come in handy. You can open a list that’s designed for a particular workflow, or make your own lists that expose just the contacts with particular data in custom fields. Or, you can sort the fields in a list much like in a spreadsheet to quickly find the person you need. Then, you’ll get the same great email and interaction tracking again so you can quickly see what’s happened with that contact and start the conversation again.

If your team’s workflow is strongly email centric, and you’re having trouble keeping everything together, SalesforceIQ is a great CRM app to try. It’ll help you keep all the conversations together, giving you the best possible view of your team’s interactions with each of your clients’ teams.

Originally published September 4, 2014; updated September 29, 2015 to reflect SalesforceIQ branding

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SalesforceIQ Features

  • An email centric workflow that shows all conversations and lets you email clients and see new messages right inside RelateIQ
  • Connects to your Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange inbox to automatically keep track of your customers and clients
  • Combines everyone's contact info, along with data from LinkedIn and Twitter, to give you the most up-to-date address book
  • Shows all recent emails and combined contact info from the entire team, so you'll always know any recent activity with a client
  • Highlights unanswered email on your homepage so you can quickly answer the most important things first
  • Integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • iPhone and Android apps, along with a Chrome extension for Gmail integration

SalesforceIQ Pricing

  • $25/month per user Starter plan for up to 5 users and 1 list
  • $65/month per user Growth plan for unlimited users and lists, email integration, and reports
  • $125/month per user Business plan for advanced reporting, forecasting, and API access

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SalesforceIQ is a CRM app that integrates with your team's email inboxes, automatically captures your interactions with customers and clients, and analyzes it to improve your relationships.