Create Trustpilot Invitation from new Salesforce Contact

If you use Salesforce to track customers, you may want to collect their feedback on your company after you interact with them the first time. Trustpilot enables you to collect that feedback by inviting the customer to provide it. Use this Zap to automatically invite customers with Trustpilot when they are added to Salesforce as new contacts.

How It Works

  1. Add a new contact in Salesforce
  2. Zapier automatically creates a TrustPilot invitation for the new contact

What You Need

  1. A Salesforce account
  2. A TrustPilot account
Create Trustpilot Invitation from new Salesforce Contact
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Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

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Get real customer feedback using Trustpilot, an independent review platform. Zapier integrates seamlessly with your Trustpilot account, so you can send review invitations with ease.

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