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RSS mention · June 17, 2019

How to Find the RSS Feed URL for Almost Any Site

RSS isn't dead, but it is harder to find RSS feeds than it used to be. Browsers no longer point them out, and websites rarely prominently link to them anymore. And yet, most sites do offer RSS feeds. Here are a few ways to find those feeds, quickly, more
RSS mention · September 21, 2018

The 10 Best Free RSS Reader Apps in 2018

When you want to follow specific writers, publications, and channels—to see every piece of content they publish—nothing beats an RSS reader app. RSS apps access web feeds published by websites, letting you aggregate and curate content you care about. Instead of visiting multiple sites, just open your more
RSS mention · December 15, 2017

The Bambu by Sprout Social Team Efficiently Curates Content for Enterprise Clients

When you work with enterprise clients, expectations tend to rise. From support and service to the client relationship itself, the experience must be seamless. Sprout Social, the social media management, analytics and advocacy solutions provider, knows this well. One of their solutions, Bambu, is a platform that simplifies employee more
RSS mention · December 11, 2017

How a Startup with a Strict Budget Automates their Nurture Emails

In the world of startups, everyone works a lot. The founder puts in 70+ hours a week, the head of marketing is the marketing team, and everyone handles sales. When you work in that environment, you have to be fast, efficient, and unflappable. It's a right of passage. more
RSS mention · November 6, 2017

How the Palm Beach Tech Association Automates Social Media Marketing

Are you a nonprofit interested in automating your work? Zapier offers a 15% discount for nonprofits! Just send a copy of your 501(c)(3) or similar documentation to to get your discount! Starting a business can be a lonely journey. To connect self-starters with resources more
RSS mention · March 8, 2017

How to Filter, Combine, and Customize RSS Feeds

Want to keep up with your favorite sites without getting overwhelmed? There are too many things published each day to possibly read them all—but you also don't want to miss the articles that would interest you most. Skimming through headlines in your news reader app can help, more
RSS update · November 14, 2016

RSS by Zapier Updates: Trigger Zaps from Multiple RSS Feeds

Zapier can now keep an eye on up to 10 RSS feeds at once. Set up a Zap to aggregrate the new items from those feeds into your own RSS superfeed. Or, auto-create daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of all the items and send them via Slack or email. more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated August 27, 2018

Information is everywhere today. After centuries where information was a scarce resource, humanity’s combined knowledge plus the new things we learn every day are far more than anyone could absorb. Thus the gatekeepers. News sites, forums, and social media ideally bubble critical stuff to the top keeping us informed and focused.

Or you can build a customized news network with only the things you want to know about most. RSS—Really Simple Syndication_—feeds offer that potential. They’re feeds that update every time a site publishes something new. Most websites and blogs include them, at or or hidden in a _Feeds link in the footer. Add those feeds to an RSS reader app to build a customized page with the headlines from your favorite sites.

You could also build customized RSS-powered notifications and turn any new data into a new RSS feed with RSS by Zapier. Here’s how.

Get Custom RSS Notifications

Add RSS feed to Zapier

Want to know whenever your favorite sites publish something new? With an RSS reader app, you’d need to check the app often to get updates from all of your sites. Zapier’s RSS integration, on the other hand, can run whenever new content is available, then send it to you however you want—in email, SMS, a push notification, Slack team chat message, even an Evernote note.

Make a Zap with the RSS by Zapier trigger app, choose the New Item in Feed trigger, and add your RSS feed in the Feed URL box along with your username and password if needed.

Want to follow multiple RSS feeds at once? Zapier can combine multiple RSS feeds with the New Items in Multiple Feeds trigger. Add up to 10 RSS feeds you want to follow.

Your Zap will then run once every time there’s something new in any of your feeds—or in one feed if you used the first trigger. Want to watch those sites for specific new items? Perhaps you only want to be notified if a blog writes about your favorite company or if a news site writes about your district. You might wish to see posts published on weekdays or written by one author. Add a Zapier Filter action and tell Zapier what you want to watch for in the RSS feeds.

Then add an Action step with the app where you want the RSS info. Want to get notified by email or SMS? Choose the Email by Zapier or SMS by Zapier apps, respectively. Or pick any other app where you’d like to get details about new RSS posts to build custom RSS-powered workflows.

Circa App Figures RSS

It’s a great way to get notified with new posts—and even more powerful when you make it a part of your publishing workflow. Zapier could add new RSS feed entries from your company’s blog to social networks automatically, log published articles in your editorial calendar, send them emails to people mentioned in the posts, and more.

Circa, a news startup, uses an RSS feed provided by App Figures to keep current on reviews of their app. They post the new reviews into their team instant messaging app, Slack:

"Bringing in all of our App Store and Google Play reviews in real time helps our team understand what our readers think of our app," says Matt Galligan, the company's CEO and co-founder. "It's far more efficient to read our app reviews this way than having to remember to go to each store often and parsing through the reviews."

Build workflows like these to pull more data from RSS feeds directly into your business.

Make an RSS Feed For Any App

Create custom RSS feed in Zapier

Wish an app or service included an RSS feed? You can build your own with the Create Item in Feed action with Zapier’s RSS tool. Start your Zap out with any app you want to use in an RSS feed. Want a list of every new project your team starts, new mentions on social networks, or new sales on your store? Zapier can watch your app for new items then turn them into an RSS feed you can follow in your favorite news reader along with your other favorite sites.

Once you’ve connected the app and perhaps added a filter to watch for the items you want, it’s time to make that RSS feed. Add an RSS by Zapier action, choose Create Item in Feed, then add a custom URL for your RSS feed—and copy that to your RSS reader app.

Then add a title for your feed, and include data from your apps via the + button to fill in the item title, description, and links automatically. Every time something new comes into your trigger app, Zapier will add them to your RSS feed so you’ll be the first to know about new developments.

RSS isn’t just for fun. It’s one of the best ways to automate any app with data-driven feeds that let you know what you need to know right when it happens.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know!

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RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.