Distract your team in Slack when new "Serial" episodes are out!

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Podcasting is undergoing a renaissance and Slack is quickly being adopted as the water cooler of choice for a growing number of companies, so it was inevitable that their paths would meet. One podcast causing a lot of company chatter is "Serial", the hot new creation from "This American Life" producer Sarah Koenig that takes listeners along on her journey to uncover the truth about the murder of a young woman in Baltimore and the man who went to jail for the crime.

It's a story that inspires your team to chime in with who-done-it speculation that soon results in cries of, "NO SPOILERS!" from teammates not yet caught up on episodes. So, the conversation naturally moves into a special #serial channel in Slack where those who, while still mostly in the dark, have the most up-to-date information from the podcast can freely sling unfounded accusations and give voice to suspicions about character's credibility.

But why stop at just a dedicated channel for your "Serial" banter? Surely you're as hopelessly hooked as the rest of us and you need to know when the next episode comes out immediately. Well, Zapier's got your back, my friend. This integration wastes no time in alerting your team when that next episode is unleashed and you don't even need to leave the #serial channel to find out. Just don't blame us if your boss or manager notices you're listening to podcasts instead of working.


Distract your team in Slack when new "Serial" episodes are out!
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