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RowShare update · March 7, 2018

New Integration: Use RowShare to Create Tables to Share with Your Coworkers

When it comes to organizing a simple project, an endless email chain can get out of hand, but paper and pen just doesn't cut it. RowShare takes the complication out of traditional spreadsheet apps by providing intuitive and shareable tables, designed for collaboration. Create a table in minutes more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated March 16, 2018

The best thing about online spreadsheet apps is that you can share your data tables with your whole team. Instead of needing to copy and paste everyone’s tables into one sheet and email files back-and-forth, you can have a single spreadsheet online where everyone adds their work and keeps it up to date.

Except, sometimes you don’t want to share the full spreadsheet. You might want your whole team to see all of the data, but want to make sure no one accidentally changes something someone else added. Or maybe you want contributors to see the things they’ve added and some specific other rows, but not the full table. That’s what RowShare’s designed for. It’s an online data table app with some spreadsheet features, some database features, and a unique sharing tool that lets you only share the exact rows you want.

RowShare is more of a database than a spreadsheet. You can include some formulas, but in general it’s designed for listing data in a table. Each column only accepts one type of data which you’ll select when you first set up your table. You can include standard text and number columns, including special ones for email addresses, dates, links, and formatted text. You can add more visual columns, including ones with images, file attachments, votes, yes/no checkboxes, reminders, or menus of options. There’s even a comments option where your team can include as many comments as you need inside one field. And then, for your math calculations or referenced rows, you can use RowShare formulas in a calculated value column.

Then, there’s one more column type: Row owner. That’s how you can set specific rows to only be visible to certain people. If you add a row, it’s owned by you by default—or you can add anyone else on your team as the owner. Then, from the table sharing settings, you can set if users can see nothing, their own rows, or all rows—and can set the same settings for editing rows, too. That way, you could let people view all rows and only edit their own—or let them only view and edit their own rows.

Adding data to your tables is easy. You can type in rows one after another, with menus that let you select multi-choice items, upload files, and choose dates. Or, you can use the form that RowShare automatically generates to add new rows to your table from a form. You can even share that as a survey to accept anonymous entries.

Once you’ve got data in your table, you can put it to work from RowShare, too, with its RowMerge feature. That lets you create a standard Word document template with column names listed in brackets like {{this}}. Upload the template, and RowMerge can create a copy of the document for each of your table rows with the placeholder text replaced with the real text from your document.

As a database tool, RowShare’s an interesting way to organize your data and build detailed tables with far more visual data than you could easily gather in a standard spreadsheet. Then, with its selective sharing, you can use it to build customized workflows that share only the data you need to share with your team.

Find all the formulas you can use in RowShare in the RowShare Calculated Values help doc.

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RowShare is an online Collaborative Table. Let each user see and edit just the relevant rows. Include pictures and attachments.