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It works best if your team uses it to track everything you do. Next time you start out a project—for clients or your team—just create it in Ronin. You can add tasks to the project, with a due date and assigned team member, and can even add comments to each tasks to include more details. Those comments can be how your team communicates about the project—Ronin will email anyone else on that task with the comment, so they can comment as well or at least know what's going on. You can use that same system to add a comment to the project for a handy way to keep all of your project discussions in one place and out of your email inbox.

Then, when you start working on a task, you can use Ronin's built-in time tracker to see how long it takes to complete the task—or you can manually enter your time later if you were away. If you purchase something for the project—perhaps a domain name for the client's website—you could include that as an expense, complete with details about what was purchased and tags so you can organize expenses in the future.

After a while, it'll be time to bill clients for your work performed. Just tap the Invoices tab, select your client and project, and Ronin will pull in the time tracking and expenses your team logged for this project. Click each one to add it to this invoice, add a note, and your invoice is done. Your clients can then pay it via PayPal or In fact, they can see your entire project if you'd like to share it with them, so you don't have to update them on how your team's work is coming along.

Your team has enough on its hands just doing your work. Ronin manages everything else, keeping your projects on track and making sure you get paid for your work all from one app.

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