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What Revv Triggers and Actions are Supported

Supported Triggers#

  • New Membership - Triggers when a membership is upgraded or created.
  • New Lead - Triggers when a new lead is created when a petition is signed.
  • Donation Failed - Triggers when a donation failed, or was blocked.
  • New Order - Triggers when a new order is processed.
  • New Subscription - Triggers when a new subscription is created.
  • New Donation - Triggers when a donation is processed.
  • New Donor - Triggers when a new donor profile is added to your organization.

Supported Searches#

  • None yet!

Supported Actions#

  • None yet!
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How to Get Started with Revv on Zapier

When you start creating a Revv Zap, you will be asked to connect your Revv account.

Click to connect Revv

Next, you'll be asked to enter your Revv API key.

Revv API Key

To locate your API Key in your Revv account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Revv account.
  2. Click on the top right icon and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Navigate to "Integrations."
  4. Click on the Green Plus Button
  5. Locate the "Zapier" card in the Integrations Store and click on it.
  6. Click the "Active" button and then click "Save"
  7. Copy the generated Organization Secret Key and Organization Revv UID—you'll need both!

Revv API Key in account

Paste your key back into your Zapier account and then “Continue”.

If all steps were successful your Revv account will now be successfully connected.

Revv connection successful

Want to learn more? Check out the documentation on the Revv helpdesk here.

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Common Problems with Revv on Zapier

Does the Revv account need any special account permissions?#

Only users with Admin access will be able to add/remove integrations from within Revv.

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Revv is a donation platform that will help your cause, non-profit, or political campaign raise more money.

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