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Revue update · August 23, 2017

New for Revue: Build Workflows Using Newsletter Items

Curating content for your newsletter is a labor of love. The newest updates to the Revue-Zapier integration help eliminate the labor, with new features supporting newsletter items. Use the new Add Item Action to automatically add an item to your newsletter panel—for example, you can queue up content more
Revue update · February 17, 2017

New App: Manage Your Personal Email Newsletter with Revue

Build a personal brand and a loyal following with your own Revue newsletter. Revue's personal newsletter software makes it easy to start thought-provoking conversations with your subscribers on a regular basis. Revue now integrates with Zapier, so your subscriber list will be updated automatically, based on email addresses more
David Chang
Written by David Chang · Last updated December 16, 2016
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When you think of starting your own email newsletter, the first thing that comes to mind are the newsletters built in full-fledged email marketing tools. These email marketing apps are expensive and bulky, packed with features you don’t need.

Revue does things differently. It's an email newsletter builder that simplifies newsletters by putting the emphasis on content creation and curation, removing as much friction as possible for you to create and maintain your email digest effortlessly. If you’re a curator, Revue is a good choice to start sharing your curated content with personal newsletter.

To get started, you can connect Revue with your Twitter, Facebook, Pocket, Instagram, Medium, Google+, Product Hunt, Instapaper, and RSS feeds. Revue automatically generates a list of links from each source so you can browse through the curated content and add anything you want to your personal newsletter. You can also add the Revue Bookmarklet or extension to your browser, then tap it when you find something interesting online to save it to your Revue inbox. There's an iOS app to do the same thing on the go.

Revue’s compose tool is where your personal digest takes shape. All curated content will be displayed on the right panel, where you can simply drag and drop items to the main newsletter panel and edit the title, link, or description for each item. To make your newsletter unique, you can add headings to each section for better organization, include free-form text to write your own thoughts, and include links and images to add your unique view. Although the Revue compose tool is rather simple with only basic customization, the finished newsletter is well designed so your personal digest will look great without worrying about HTML coding. Revue stays with its mission to help you focusing on discovering content, curating it, and turning it into quality newsletter to share with your audience.

Your newsletter won’t be useful if no one subscribes to it, though. Beside adding subscribers or inviting your friends manually, Revue lets you import your subscriber list from your MailChimp account or from a CSV or TXT file. To grow your audience, you can then add a plugin to your WordPress blog to add Revue subscriptions forms to your website. Revue also includes Twitter lead generation cards to let people subscribe to your digest straight from Twitter. Or, you can use Revue integrations to add subscribers directly from your ads, sales, and other forms. When your personal newsletter is ready, you can schedule or send your newsletter immediately, and auto-share an online copy of it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Medium for yet another way to grow your audience.

After sending your newsletter issues, Revue will gather statistics to let you know how your newsletter is performing. Each issue will have its own statistic page to give you an overview of the open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate. You can analyze the stats collected by Revue and compare them among each issue to learn which topics engage with your audience better. This can be a helpful tool to improve your content and performance.

Whether you are a veteran blogger with some subscribers in your pocket or a complete rookie wishing to start a new newsletter, Revue provides a simple tool to help you focus on content curation, and turn that into a beautiful personal digest your audience will want to read.

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