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RescueTime mention · February 15, 2019

How to Use Trello for Time Tracking

You can use Trello to organize just about everything, but it doesn't offer any out-of-the-box tools for tracking your time. That doesn't mean you can't use Trello for time tracking, though. There are a bunch of simple time tracking applications that integrate with Trello, as Trello more
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The 10 Best Apps to Help You Focus and Block Distractions

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The 25 Best Productivity Apps in 2018

The flywheel effect is an amazing thing. You know how when you ride a bicycle, the first few pumps of the pedal are always the hardest? Then it gets easier, as your inertia builds up and the energy from your previous hard work combines to let you casually pedal more
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The 10 Best Time Tracker Apps in 2018

People who track time spent working often do so because they need to create invoices for clients and get paid. Others track their time to have an accounting of how long different tasks take or to make sure that a flat-rate project doesn't cost more money to complete more
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The 20 Best Productivity Apps for Android in 2018

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The 20 Best Productivity Apps for Windows in 2018

Many of us need specific tools to get our jobs done. You might use QuickBooks for accounting and invoicing, Microsoft Visual Studio for developing computer programs, Scrivener for writing a book, or AutoCAD for creating 2D or 3D designs. But beyond specialized software, there's a vast ocean of more
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Imposter Syndrome: Why You Have It and What You Can Do About It

Many of us worry about not performing well enough at our jobs, not getting good enough grades, or not having as much knowledge and experience as our peers. We worry about what others think of us and whether we fit in or stand out among our friends or colleagues. more
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20+ Productivity Apps for College Students and Young Professionals

As a college student, you balance classes, homework, extra curricular activities, job applications, internships, and (if you're lucky) a few side projects. It's like a four-year master class in time management. At least that's my experience: I'm finishing up a major in philosophy at Carnegie more
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The Best Ways to Protect Your Time

Important people are busy, so anyone who's very busy must be very important, right? Not necessarily. Our core focus should be on doing the most important work, then spending plenty of time resting away from work so we're ready to be creative again tomorrow. Rushing between tasks more
Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated July 23, 2015

Time passes all too quickly. Answer a few emails, take several phone calls, rush into a meeting, and before you know it your work day is gone with little to show for it. Often your time goes to even less productive things: a push notification from Facebook leads you to a hilarious cat video, which reminds you of another video you wanted to share, and you've wasted an hour without even noticing it.

The internet's a distracting place, and even smaller work tasks can distract you from the larger projects and goals you need to accomplish. Worst of all, it's hard to notice where your time's actually gone—all you know is that it's the end of the day, and your to-do list is still packed with things to finish.

That's what time tracking apps are designed for, and RescueTime is one of the simplest to use. Instead of making you remember to turn on a timer when you start working—and log the time whenever you switch to another task—RescueTime just watches what you're doing on your computer throughout the work day. When you're answering emails, writing articles, crunching numbers, coding—or perhaps wasting time on social networks and news—RescueTime quietly takes note. It then decides which sites and apps are productive, and which are a time waste, and shows you a graph of how your time was spent that week.

It's an ingenious way to keep you more productive throughout the work day without taking any extra time to use. You'll just install the app and forget about it, then at the end of the week RescueTime will email to tell you how productive you've been. That should prompt you to be more productive next week, and cut out the sites and apps that are keeping you the most distracted.

RescueTime's classifications of apps and websites may be wrong; it might accidentally decide your company's website or collaboration tools are distracting when in fact it's the primary place you should be spending your time. If so, you can go through RescueTime's lists, marking your work apps and sites as important and tagging them with their purpose. Your logs will immediately reflect the changes, giving you a better picture of your productivity.

You'll get all of that with a free account, enough to help you see where your time is going and get inspired to do better next week. With a paid account, RescueTime can also block your most distracting websites and apps, to force you to be more productive during work hours. It'll also let you get a daily update on where your time has gone, and will let you add in details of how you spent your offline time—a great way to quantify the 2 hour gap in your work time for a meeting or client appointment.

Few of us are perfectly productive all the time. We each have our vices, those things that distract us from the real work we should be doing. RescueTime is a helpful assistant that can figure out what's going wrong in your work days, and help you be motivated to get more done each day. It won't magically free up your time, but it may guide you to what you'll need to do to free up your own time. And that's equally valuable.

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RescueTime helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer by automatically keeping a log of the time you spend on different applications and websites. Having an accurate idea of how you time is spent makes it easy to stay productive and balanced.