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Never Forget Anything with Remember The Milk and Zapier

Ever have trouble remembering to pick up milk at the store? Remember The Milk is one of the original online todo list apps that's designed to make sure you never forget anything you need to do. You can add tasks quickly, organize them into lists, and even add more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 2, 2018

It's hard to remember a world without web apps. And yet, in 2004 when Gmail was first released, its Ajax-powered responsiveness was something of a wonder—a harbinger of things to come. That's how Remember The Milk co-founders Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani saw Gmail, and it inspired them to make an online to-do list app that was just as great. And thus, one of the original to-do list web apps was born.

Over a decade after its inception, Remember The Milk retains its lean and fast approach to task management. It includes a clean design, with no chat tools or reports or extra features beyond your plain text tasks. You'll add your tasks in plain text, organize them in lists, and get back to the rest of your life instead of spending all day organizing your to-do list. Everything loads nearly instantly—thanks to the lack of graphics—making it a web app that's reliable even when the internet's not.

By default, Remember The Milk shows the tasks you need to do today, tomorrow, and your overdue tasks when you first open the app. Skip over that, and you'll see your task lists, complete with an Inbox for unsorted tasks, individual lists you've curated, and an All Tasks view with everything that needs done. Your curser will already be in the New Task box, so you can load Remember The Milk and immediately start typing in new tasks. Assign them to lists with a hashtag, add a location with an @ symbol, or type out the due date in real words and Remember The Milk will figure it out. It's a smart todo list that understands what you need to do.

Locations are interesting in Remember The Milk. You'll first use a Google Map to find locations where you need to complete your tasks, and will tag them with a name of your choice—perhaps the city name, or the name of the business, or a simple name that's easier for you to remember. Then you can tag tasks with those locations, as an easy way to find things you need to do at a particular place.

Tags in Remember The Milk hark back to the earlier days of blogging. Add as many tags as you want to tasks, and they'll show up in a tag cloud on your task overview page, with larger text for tags you've used more often. Lists work just like you expect: they're a single place for tasks about a particular project. You can manage them on your own, share them with a contact, or break them up by sharing individual tasks with individual contacts. And there's notes on tasks, so you can cram in as much extra info as needed.

Need to make sure your day's not too overwhelmed? Remember The Milk includes due dates, along with priorities on tasks to show what's your most important responsibilities of the day. If you can't get something done today, click the Postpone button to add a day to your due date. Remember The Milk will remember that so you can see how many times a task has been postponed. You can even add a duration to tasks, to estimate how long it'll take to get done.

And you'll never have to go without your tasks, either. The web app works everywhere, and there's also iOS, Android, and BlackBerry apps for Remember The Milk, along with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook integrations. Or, you can print off a weekly agenda with everything you need to do that week, as an easy way to take your to-do list offline and get things done the old fashioned way.

Remember The Milk's latest version is still spartan, but it is a full-featured and powerful way to get things done. And it's surprisingly fast, thanks to its focus on being just a great todo list app. With over a decade's experience behind it, Remember The Milk is a trusty way to make sure you never forget about your most important tasks.

Originally published November 20, 2015; updated July 2, 2018 with new screenshots and feature details.

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