Tweet new hot Reddit posts

Looking for the best way to be the voice of a subreddit on Twitter? Give this Reddit Twitter integration a shot! After you activate it, we'll start scanning Reddit automatically for you; a tweet will be automatically made through your Twitter account for every new hot post that comes up on the subreddit of your choice. After that you'll have an automatic and constant stream of updates as the latest stories move up the ranks, all without lifting a finger.

How It Works

  1. A new hot post is detected in a subreddit on Reddit
  2. Zapier automatically posts on Twitter

What You Need

  • Reddit account
  • Twitter account
Tweet new hot Reddit posts
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Reddit, stylized as reddit, is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

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Twitter is the social network that shows what's happening around the world in real time. Share your ideas in Tweets, follow hashtags to keep up with trends, and join in the global conversation.

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