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Recurly update · May 7, 2013

Recurly New Transaction Fields

If you're using the Recurly "New Transaction" trigger – it just got a lot more useful. You can now grab fields from the invoice and subscription related to the transaction! This lets you build a more complete picture of what happened inside Recurly if you're syncing payments over more
Recurly update · January 10, 2013

Create Account

Create brand new accounts in Recurly with this simple action. You can define the account code, first/last name, email, company name and more
Recurly update · December 14, 2012

Push Notification Triggers

You can now get instant triggers for Accounts, Subscriptions, and Payments so all of your triggers happen immediately!read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 4, 2016

Subscriptions are one of the most popular business models today. They work for physical products customers purchase frequently like coffee, notebooks, or snacks, and are a great way to sell your software, courses, or videos in a way that brings value over time to you and your users without a steep initial price.

The only problem is, subscriptions are more difficult to manage than one-off sales. With most sales, you ask for payment info once, make the sale, and that's it. With subscriptions, you ask for payment info, charge each month, quarter, year or other period you want, and then charge again when that period comes around again.

Recurly is build for exactly these challenges. It's a payments processing system designed primarily for subscriptions—one you can even use with other payment gateways if you want. Recurly's built-in payment gateway is designed to help reduce credit card decline, and is included with your Recurly account, but you could also use Amazon Payments, Stripe, PayPal, and other popular payment solutions to process customers' payments. You can even add multiple payment gateways, and route customers to one with the lowest fees for their payment options.

Once you've decided how to get paid, it's time to setup your subscription offerings and get them added to your site. You can add as many plans as you need—perhaps with monthly and yearly variants, or with customizable charge periods. Plans can auto-renew until canceled or have a fixed number of billing cycles (perfect for courses or other time-limited subscriptions), and can also start out with a free trial. You can have Recurly send renewal reminder emails a week before the subscription fee is charged. And, you can include setup fees and optional add-ons if you want.

With free trials, upcoming and completed payments, and failed payment notifications, Recurly will need to send a lot of email on your behalf. As such, it includes template options for every type of email you'd need to send with your subscriptions. You can tweak each one to fit your brand and copy style, and use global headers and footers so you don't have to tweak everything on each email whenever something changes. You can also tweak when most emails are sent, in the subscription settings or Recurly's Dunning management tool which lets you remind customers to update their payment info if a payment fails. Recurly can also send PDF invoices along with emails, if you'd like, for an extra copy of records for your customers.

You'll need records on your end, too, and Recurly keeps track of those for you. You can see info about each customer and every one of their payments, plans, contact and billing info, and more. If you need to add a subscription—perhaps from an in-person or over-the-phone sale—you can add those in Recurly. Or, you can refund customers partly or in full, if needed.

Recurly will take that payment info and keep you up-to-date about your sales. With its reports and dashboards, you can quickly see your total number of subscribers, monthly revenue, along with a breakdown of your most popular plans. You can dive into churn, and fight it directly from Recurly with its dunning emails that remind customers to update payment info.

Recurly gives you everything you need to run a subscription business, in one place. It's the tool you need to keep track of all your subscription payments, and keep your customers happy while giving your team the time to focus on your real business instead of worrying about payments.

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